Friday, June 29, 2012

The Eiffel Tower is Re-Built & Step-by-Step Video

Detailed Image is HERE

My Eiffel Tower is re-built. The last stroke is applied and the pink scarf is flowing in the evening Paris breeze. It was hard to stop painting; it's like to tell an old friend Good Bye. But I am sure I will be back, to  The Eiffel Tower, to Paris, in person and in paintings.
The Original Artwork is 14"x10" Watercolor on 300lb Arches Cold Pressed

I've made a short movie (the link is here; or, just click window below). The movie shows step-by-step painting on How To re-built The Eiffel Tower :0)

In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

When my customer framed the painting, she sent me a picture with it. The result exceeded the expectations. I love how the silver frame highlights the Greys of the painting bringing up the silver tone to the whole piece:

Eiffel Tower - Phase VII and VIII

It is all in details. One by one, beam by beam, I was building The Eiffel Tower observing the original structure and meantime retaining the artistic approach to the painting. I also started working on the figures, but had to keep in mind they are far away and should not be pronounced too much. Yet I grabbed the magnifying glass in order to paint the girls carefully. 

Viva Eiffel! My Tower is almost completed :0). Tomorrow I am placing the final art with the link to the details.

In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Eiffel Tower - Phase V and VI

The stage V and VI of the painting look as if I was rebuilding The Eiffel Tower from the top gradually grounding the construction, isn't it.. In the stage V, I started placing the details high above moving slowly to the bottom in order to give the weight and to see the contrast. 
Stage VI is the most enjoyable as the tower starts looking almost completed; yet, still there is a lot of work to do. One would say, it is done, just work on the figures a little; but, I think I cared away with the lacy look of the Eiffel Tower. I caught myself while painting that I felt being in Paris that exact moment, physically! Great feeling, eh. And it's not too expensive way to travel ;0)

And here is one more highlight from my artistic journey: the painting Apricot Blossoms won the First Place in May theme  SPRING in Yahoo Group.

Larger Image of the painting is HERE

In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Eiffel Tower - Phase III and IV

These two Phases of building The Eiffel Tower are pretty much self-explanatory. The skies got more dramatic, the fist beam is painted on the tower. It still looks as a dream floating in the air, but nobody can say it is something other than The Eiffel Tower. A few brush strokes are enough to distinguish a silhouette. The figures are only drawn in pencil yet the negative space around helps us to recognize two young girls engaged in conversation.

Stay tuned: tomorrow will be more Eiffel Tower built on my blog :0)

In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Eiffel Tower - Phase I and II

The drawing on the left and the first wash on the right.
When I drew the tower I started with the main shape going slowly into tiny details, yet did not want to place too many of them to avoid the pencil marks showing too much. 
The fist wash was made wet-on-wet. I used Alizarin Crimson and warm yellow to give the sun reflection on the clouds. The Ultramarine blues with Violet Purple fit right in for the clouds shapes. Yet it was only the beginning. The clouds would need to be touched several times here to achieve the intensity of the night Paris sky. 
At this stage of painting I was not concerned neither about Eiffel Tower construction details, no figures. The main focus was on area, which will help the Eiffel Tower to shine.

In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

Monday, June 25, 2012

Rebuilding The Eiffel Tower

Detailed Image of the Original Painting: Here

My client asked if I could paint The Eiffel Tower for her (original art was recently sold) but instead of one lady she wanted to see two young girls. The painting would be a gift to her friend who she met in Paris. When start working on the new art piece, and having the original image handy, I wanted to make a new one as if it was the only painting I ever did of The Eiffel Tower. I've been to Paris twice; but unfortunately pictures didn't turn out great (a good excuse to go there again, eh :0) .. 

The day I've received the commission request the skies in my area were so beautiful and so dramatic that I rushed to take a good photo reference to have it for my future art:

Even though the girls' figures on the painting were important they should not distract the attention from the main subject, The Eiffel Tower. Better, if they would be engaged in some kind of conversation, and maybe about the beauty of Paris and the Eiffel Tower itself. 

I made a few figure sketches for my client to choose. I really wanted to leave the scarf on one of the girl to show not only the style, the breeze; but more, keeping it as the romantic Paris-like piece, which by flowing with the wind would bond two figures together. And, it should be the brightest spot of the figures. The figures were supposed to be painted pretty much in one color: 

This sketch (above) was engaging but it was a little detached from the mail subject.
My client chose this sketch. It was not only showing a nice conversation, but as well the dynamics. One girl was pointing towards The Eiffel Tower as if they just discussed its grandiose beauty, which suddenly appeared from the cloudy skies. 

Stay tuned. Tomorrow I am posting first two phases of the painting.

In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Peter Rabbit - illustrate a book - Workshop

Detailed Image:
Click Here
Detailed Image: Click Here

Detailed Image: Click Here

These three paintings not only became a first contribution to my Nursery Series Art for Kids, but also served a great purpose today at my Workshop - illustrate a book.

Being a huge fan of Beatrix Potter I fell in love with The Tale of Peter Rabbit. I was wondering what happened after Peter's mom put him to sleep that day when he got into a lot of trouble at Mr McGregor's garden. What if Peter Rabbit had a dream that Mr McGregor was actually a very nice man, who returned the blue jacket,  brought some carrots to Peter; and, later on, Peter's Mom made delicious carrot cookies for Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton-tail and for Peter Rabbit of course....

These ideas didn't wait too long to jump on paper; and, today they inspired kids at my local library where I gave them a watercolor lesson. 

First, I painted my Tale in the three different scenes as I needed to make the master drawing to be easy for kids to work on. The final work was made of sections, easy to paint, with the nice visible edges and not too many details; yet, it still had a story to tell, colors to apply, and a good imagination to put in. 

I was a little nervous before the workshop as I did not know what ages and how many kids would come. The result was exceeding my expectations. The ages were from 1 to 12 ( sure the 1 y. o. did not paint; but the youngest artist who did paint was 3). We learned how to paint upside down, how to apply light colors first, darkest last, how to paint with the big brush and cover a lot of area fast, and how to add details at the very end with the tip of the brush. I think I had more fun than children.. Just kidding! They all were so excited. They shared with me that they knew the story about Peter Rabbit before they came (sure enough, they heard the story about Peter's dream for the first time as I just made it up :0).. 

Later on I brought a question for two most active girls about the next workshop, which is going to be on Winnie-The-Pooh.. I asked them what they think we should paint. Needless to say I left home with more interesting ideas... but sh-sh-sh.. I'll keep it secret until July :0)  

Everything was ready to meet kids. The paint was lined up, the paper was waiting for the young artists.

A few paintings together with the original book about Peter Rabbit were here for inspiration.

When main crowd of first coming artists (see Red Solo Cups on the back) left, I had fun with the ones that were catching up.

We've even learned how to clean our brushes before putting them away.

Brown was the primary color, yet the dream of Peter Rabbit was all blue and fresh.

Some of the few Artworks that will be traveling to the artists home galleries tonight with pride and more stories to tell.

In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Crockett, California - St.Rose Of Lima Church Grotto

For Detailed Image Click Here

A beautiful Grotto of St.Rose Lima Church in a small town of Crockett, California. I came here today for my  Plein Air paintings. This town is a small hidden place right next to couple of bridges that connect East Bay with the North. 

My colleges from CWA met at 10 am; and, after finding a spot to paint,  we were supposed to paint until 1:00 pm. The heat was rising. At 10:30am it was already 102 F degrees. How did I survive? I am not sure; though, I did pray to be able to finish the painting and I think I was heard. 

And, by the end of the day I have developed a new watercolor technique: not wet-on-wet, not dry-on-dry, not even wet-on-dry or opposite. I would call this technique - A Very Very Dry- On A Super Hot and Dry :0).. The moisture was evaporating before I could touch the paper with the brush.. Yeah.. Summers in California are not created for 3 hour plein-air paintings :0). But who doesn't like a challenge: today I've confirmed one more time: I do :0)
More Plein-air paintings are HERE

In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

Friday, June 15, 2012

Apricot Trio

For Detailed Image Click Here

For Detailed Image Click Here

I usually start painting with the background; but this time I started with the main subject. First, I've painted the apricot branch and then filled the back area with the garden. I took pictures of both; and, it s hard to tell which version is better. The apricot painting with the white background looks more as a botanical study, isn't it.. The top one with the apricots in the garden looks more as the Summer Landscape with the branch fragment where the artists, during a nice walk in the garden, looked up and saw a beautiful trio hanging on the tree and posing for a painting :0)

The apricots with the white background have more story to tell, but I will reveal it in a couple of weeks or so. Stay tuned :0)

In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Detailed Image? Click Here

Never being tired of painting Orchid flowers I find each time that they look very human. It is almost like a carnival where the orchid is so well dressed for an occasion. Look: it has face, a hair-do and if to look closer each flower has its own personality. 
This particular Beauty was a gift from my friends. And when I saw how the sun penetrated the petals of the main flower, the chance for this orchid to be in the history became obvious :0)
10"x 8" Watercolor on Fabriano 140 lb Watercolor Paper

In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

Friday, June 8, 2012

Facebook - The Book Of Faces

I wonder if there will be a time when somebody says "Facebook" people actually don't think instantaneously about a blue "f" but in fact will think about a Book Of Faces. Here I placed my Book of Faces so to speak, which has the resent portraits I've painted. It is actually fun to see them in one place.

Below is the painting that I finished last night. I want to call it "Grab The Summer, And Don't Let It Go" (ok, maybe a shorter than that :0)

See Detailed Image Here

10"x14" Watercolor on 300lb Arches Watercolor Paper

In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Making Art

My CWA colleague  Robin at Blake Garden 

Me .. thinking

My niece is creating her music

My friend Vera Lysenko finishing her painting 

My son is creating a giant shoe for his Sculpture Class

Look at some people who create. Have you ever thought what is on their mind? I do, all the time. The process of art making is exciting yet very personal thing either it is painting, playing music, making a sculpture or baking and sawing.

Per Oxford Dictionary, ART is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

But what is behind that? The moment of “getting lost” in times, doubts and admiration, happiness of the completion and an eternal question “could I do better?”..
I want to finish this short post with one simple phrase, which probably the best solution for Art Makers as well to the Art Lovers: 
Live To Create!


New Painting (on a top): 9"x12" Watercolor on Paper

In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Berkeley - Blake Garden - Plein Air

Original is SOLD


Participating Artists Artworks

Yesterday I participated in Plein Air painting with my colleges from CWA (California Watercolor Association). We found an absolutely amazing place, Blake Garden in Berkeley, where every inch is asking to be painted: the trees, the pond, San Francisco Bay view, Berkeley hills, and stunning flower garden. I decided to paint an entry into the Flower Garden as the shadows and morning light were just right for a cozy painting. The hours passed by so quickly that I have not noticed it was time for a final critique. All artists chose their favorite places to paint and the artworks were absolutely beautiful.
12"x16" Saint-Petersburg White Nights Watercolor on 300lb Arches Cold Pressed Paper
More Plein-air paintings are HERE

In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

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