Monday, December 26, 2016

Winter Landscape Into Interior

I found a great solution for a Winter landscape by selecting this silver frame. Cool colors of the metallic polish fit so well all the cool hues of the snowy forest with its tall trees of the Sequoia National Park. 

Later, I placed the framed painting into three different interiors. These interiors are very similar by their muted light colors. 

The painting fit all three interiors quite well. It brought rather interesting highlights into each home decor:

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Tasty Season - Yogurt Labels

watercolor by Irina Sztukowski
watercolor label on yogurt and jams
In cooperation with Allink designers

What a great thing for an Artist to see her creations on the shelves of the stores! And even though, these yogurts are distributed for now in Europe only (particularly in Switzerland and France); and, it would be difficult to ship it to me to California; I am so happy and proud that my art is now live on these yummy labels.

Sweet and tasty Holiday Season opened with Apple Strudel and Gingerbread yogurts!

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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Christmas In July or December?

watercolor poinsettia stockings and fireplace

Sure I know the answer :). Yet for me Christmas started practically in July this year. Those days I was painting snow and holiday themes for the book Bernard Goes To Music School. The illustrations were fun to paint. 

In these artworks, the story goes to the times when kids had to say bye to the teacher for their holiday break:
children book watercolor
And then our protagonist Bernard went home to celebrate:

watercolor book for children

But something happened at the table after dinner. Of course, I will hold myself from telling in order not to spill the beans. I couldn't reveal in July that I was "working" on Christmas; but, I am so happy that by the real Christmas time I can share if not the story then the art from the book I've illustrated :)

Those days there was a lot of snow settling in my studio.

Daddy and Bernard walked the snowy streets to the Music School when behind my window there were flowers blooming under 94 degree sunshine:
And then they went home from the school into the cold Toronto Winter:

Brrr, it makes me cold just think about them walking through that blizzard!!!

Together we made it to the real Holidays, and now, in December, I can happily say that the book has seen the bookshelves right on time, and it will make a great holiday gift for the kids whose parents enjoy spending time and reading good encouraging stories together. 

Happy Holidays Season To Everyone!!! 

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Story Of An Artwork Creation

My series of the painting that I named Dancing Fire moved emotions of so many people. Besides declaring itself to be one of my bestsellers, this body of art inspired some for articles (example is HERE), some for poetry (Examples are HERE and HERE) all over the world. 

Yesterday, I was contacted by an Advanced Art Class student whose assignment was to write an article about her favorite painting. She asked me about a creation process. I was very pleased that the Art Schools are focusing on the contemporary artists these days. I also, thought that sharing about the process of an artwork creation, especially an abstract piece like this one above, would be a great addition to my blog.

Here is the part of the interview.

When you were creating this piece of art, what were you thinking of and what were your emotions?

 When I created this piece of art, I was conducting an experiment of some sort. I wanted to see how the watercolor from yellow to red, beige, and brown would flow into each other when placing the paint on paper using wet-on-wet technique. 
I had some hot yet classic music playing on the background that day. And while listening to the music, I was happily applying the paint with circular brush strokes. Then I peacefully, with the interest of a curious artist, watched how the paint “melted” and moved on its own. 
After the paper was bone dry, I’ve looked at it for a moment and the idea to add a dancing woman figure popped-up into my mind. 
It was rather spontaneous decision. I wanted to emphasize the flow of the paint with the movement of a dancing body and with her skirt curling in unison with the direction of the paint. 

I am so happy I can share my thoughts about creation of this Hot Hot series dancing fire :)

It is ALL about FIRE :)

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Christmas Gift Ideas - Live Report

watercolor Holidays Decor

Just a week ago I created a new Gallery on my website that is called Gift Ideas and as a token of my appreciation posted a little discount code for my customers ( GVVPSS at the check out point); as already my lovely customers and Art Collectors started purchasing prints from my website :).
It is so great that two Poinsettia paintings went to Palos Heights from the state of Illinois:

watercolor Holiday decor

Both of these Poinsettia paintings look so festive as Holidays interior decoration.

And the local customer from Bay Area San Francisco decided to greet the guests by placing my Christmas Angel painting in the hallway of a lovely home:watercolor holiday decor

Many thanks to all my dear Art Collectors, who purchased or going to purchase gifts from my website , for appreciating my art!
Here are the galleries that are worth exploring in the spirit of Holiday Season:

and,of course, a new gallery:

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Painting For Publishing For A New Art Book

blue watercolor artwork home decor

I was invited by a publishing company Linea Editorial, which is located in Barcelona, Spain; to participate in a new book called One Watercolor Every Day. Their creative team selected my painting Spring In The Mountains. This artwork depicts an old blooming tree against the endless blue sky with mountains and birds in the background. It is a symbol of the beginning: a new life, a free spirit and eternal wisdom.

I am so happy to be a part of the book that will be published in 2017. It will contain more than 100 artists throughout the World. What an honor! I am very very pleased :)

I wanted to tell a little more about how I created this painting. 

The story of the creation of this artwork is quite interesting. One year, I was invited to teach the class at Disney Family Museum in San Francisco. The main idea of the lesson was to explore wet-on-wet technique. My first impulse was to teach the students how to paint sky. The subject with the blue sky and the tree just popped in my head. The lesson that I was giving in San Francisco was a great success. Art students enjoyed very much to learn a new skill. 

Later on, this artwork was selected by jury of the artists for the art show called Feeling Blue that took place in Naperville, IL Art Gallery

I have used two different techniques to achieve the desired results. Most of the painting is completed in watercolors; but, I used wax in order to reserve the whites of the flowers and the tree bark. Usually, I use masking liquid, but this time I wanted to make something that does not have to dry slow (as my student would not have so much time at the lesson). Then I employed a wet-on-wet technique mixing phthalo blue with a little bit of ultramarine. When the paper, 140 lb Cold Pressed Arches, was dry, I painted the tree with ultramarine blue right out of Winsor&Newton tube, and added black watercolor for the contrast. The blossoms of the tree, the mountains, and the birds were painted by using a dry-on-dry technique where a minimal amount of paint is applied to the dry paper with gentle brush strokes; and, where the artist has full control of building up an intensity of the painted subject.  

My Spring In The Mountains painting is truly going to travel a lot next year, now in the form of the publication in the art book. 
How many wonderful surprises are still there for my art?! 
I am so excited :)

Friday, November 11, 2016

Bernard Goes To Music School - Children Book Illustration

art for kids Bernard Goes To Music School
A little boy Bernard goes to music school. In these three illustrations I wanted to show the action combining the story of the book with the colorful season, Fall, in this children book. 

I painted the boy anxiously anticipating the first lesson and looking through the window while riding a bus.

He gets on the bus with his dad: 
Connie Du Bernard Goes To Music School
 He ride the train:
Irina Sztukowski art for kids
And all three illustrations above needed to be placed on one page per author's request. I drew a rainbow and two birds uniting these mini illustrations in one artwork:
children book illustration

Bernard Goes To Music School book is now published and available on It is easy to find by clicking HERE or by placing Irina Sztukowski in Amazon search window.

  • ISBN-10: 1523864753
  • ISBN-13: 9781523864751

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Playground - Children Book Illustration

Bernard Goes To Music School book

When I was a kid, our playground was a small courtyard blocked by two-story buildings. In the middle, there were trees with a table; and, around that mini-park were benches where we kids were sitting and playing. We had to imagine our games ourselves. We ran, we played, we laughed. The only climbing opportunities were the trees; but, the eagle-eyed grandmas that were sitting on the opposite benches of the courtyard would yell at us as soon they saw any climbing attempt. We knew that those grouchy old ladies were evil. They couldn't climb the trees themselves, and therefore, they would prevent us from doing so! 

Ah, childhood! How wonderful is to get a glimpse of it from my memory. As imaginative kids, without specially built playground we made our own courtyard a ground of fun play.

These days a lot of kids have full equipped playgrounds; but, do they use their imagination? Can they pretend that a tree branch is a mast of a sailboat that brings you far far to the ocean's unknown? Can today's kids play with the candy wraps and feel super happy when winning another one from the game partner?

If I pictured my childhood playground, I'd probably focused on the movements and face emotions of the kids there. A little girl would be sending a small paper boat sailing down the pond. A boy would be sitting on the tree branch teasing the other one to hurry and to catch up. A few girls would play with their dolls on the bench. And, two sisters would be conquering a new jump-rope. 

The painting above is the illustration to Bernard Goes To Music School book. 
The playground here is a modern one. Colorful slide with other cool equipment is there. The flowers all over the place and cute benches. Safe wonderful area for kids to play. The boy is daydreaming. He is the one that is a shy person, but we learn from the book that he will overcome his shyness and have many friends in the future. I wanted to picture kids in a far background  preoccupied with their games. And the boy in front is all by himself kind of separated from the crowd. Yet, he is a cool boy in sunglasses; but, who knows maybe at this point his glasses are hiding his sad eyes. But, I promise, the story ends very good. 

More information is in the book by Connie Du on Amazon, HERE
(or, just type Irina Sztukowski (the illustrator) in the search window of the search browser there)

  • ISBN-10: 1523864753
  • ISBN-13: 9781523864751

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Interior Decor - Watercolor Tulips Silhouettes

watercolour silhouettes art
Contemporary Watercolor Interior Decor 

These sweet Red Tulips became a part of my new Collection that is called Watercolor Silhouettes.
The flowers are whimsical and light as if they are floating in an abstract landscape with the sunrise; leaving the viewer some space for imagination. 

And for a cool decor lovers I created another painting design with Purple Tulips Silhouettes:

watercolor silhouette floral

I live to create :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Time For Work - Time For Walk

Bernard Goes To Music School children book illustration

In one of these two illustrations that I painted for the book "Bernard Goes To Music School" , I pictured the boy on his walk along the creek. He is curiously watching salmon swimming down the stream. The Fall season is indicated by colors in the trees on the apposite embankment and leaves on the ground. Fall has just started. Little boy loves to explore the Nature. He loves his walk!

But he also helps his parents in the garden. He is a hard worker. In the next illustration, I painted a garden filled with blooming flowers. The house is in the back lit by the morning sun. The boy has just watched his parents working in the garden, and now he is helping them by pulling this huge pipe, arranging the landscape. And, I placed a porcelain decorative Mr Frog right next to the boy as if he helps him too :)  

Bernard Goes To Music School book illustration

Paining children book illustrations is fun, and it is a process that needs to be well organized. The artist should not overlook any elements. They are all helping kids to explore the illustration later on, when parents are reading the specific page. The composition of the paintings would help the exploration flow. 

In these two illustrations I tried to play with diagonal composition (The Salmon Creek) where the painting's energy is "moving" with the stream. And, in "Working Boy" I "locked" the composition on the boy with the pipe by placing tulip flowers on the left of the illustration and the frog to the right of it. 

Bernard Goes To Music School book is now published and available on It is easy to find by clicking HERE or by placing Irina Sztukowski in Amazon search window.

  • ISBN-10: 1523864753
  • ISBN-13: 9781523864751

Saturday, October 22, 2016

I See Squirrel - Children Book Illustration

Bernard Goes To Music School by Connie Du
Link to the illustration is HERE

In this illustration from the book Bernard Goes To Music School, I pictured the boy happily walking down the street and enjoying warm summer weather. The trees and bushes are in bloom indicating early Summer. The birds are in the sky. Way up on the tall tree branch I placed a squirrel eating the nut. Boy just saw the squirrel. But he is still here up to a big surprise: a little bunny is hiding under the bush. And how about a colorful butterfly?! In just a second it will take off and bring so much joy to the boy. 

All these elements of the illustration, including the road that vanishes in the atmospheric perspective, were composed the way that children, when they see the page and while parent is reading the text from the book Bernard Goes To Music School, kids will first see the boy, then their eyes will try to find a squirrel and of course they will discover bunny and the butterfly in a very short time. Yet after that they again will focus on the boy, the main character of the page and the book.

The illustration was painted, of course in correlation with the text on the page. The whole story is in the book on ( HERE ).

  • ISBN-10: 1523864753
  • ISBN-13: 9781523864751

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Inviting Fall To The Table

vivid bright art for Thanksgiving decor

The latest creative designs with Fall Leaves that was inspired by my recent travels to a Sacramento County forest is now presented in forms of dinnerware in my

Napkins (cloth and paper ones), kitchen towels, coasters and even placemats will bring a nice bright season to the customers dining rooms. 
Thanksgiving table decoration
Thanksgiving table decor
dining room decor

The original prints, canvases, metal prints, and acrylic prints can be found on They became a great addition to my new Gallery called

vibrant colorful painting

vibrant colorful painting

artist bright vibrant painting home decor

These vivid collection brings warmth and vibrant sensation to my customers' homes.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Children Book Illustration - Boy In The Garden

Bernard Goes To Music School book

In this illustration, that actually the first opening artwork in the book "Bernard Goes To Music School"  I painted the boy in front, next to the flowers. His shy nature is shown in the movement towards the flowers. He wants to smell them. Through the pink of the surrounding blooms I wanted to portray not only a beginning of a great season, but as well as the character of the protagonist.    

And here is the funny note:
First, I wanted to paint a bee sitting on one of the peony flower. I almost started; but, something stopped me. I thought that the bee, as cute as it could be, will be somehow a danger to a little boy's nose. 
I am glad I prevented the "tragedy" ;)

Painting this illustration was fun and I loved later on getting through all four seasons in the illustrations of this book.

The book is now published and it is
on Amazon for little readers to explore. 

  • ISBN-10: 1523864753
  • ISBN-13: 9781523864751

Friday, October 7, 2016

Bernard Goes To Music School - Book Is Now Published

Connie Du author

The illustration that became a part of the cover page contains the scene from the music lesson. 
A little boy is eagerly listening his teacher Tania playing a new song. 
As an artist I wanted to include flowers and musical notes in the composition as if a song, who knows, can be a Walz Of The Flowers (by Piotr Tchaikovsky). The bond between the teacher and the pupil is also developed through the music and the composition choice: I placed the teacher looking at the boy and the boy is facing the teacher. 
The color choices are Spring like: soft pink, grass green, and fresh mellow yellow. The whole painting is breathing music and a new season. 
                            This new book is now published. 
It is available on Amazon HERE
(or, just type Irina Sztukowski into Amazon search window)

  • ISBN-10: 1523864753
  • ISBN-13: 9781523864751

Monday, October 3, 2016

New Book For Children - Coming Soon

Children Book Illustrations

With great excitement I want to share big news about a wonderful assignment that was "cooking" in my art studio for the last six-seven months.  
At the end of March of this year I was approached by a Canadian author, Connie Du, with a proposal to illustrate her new book
"Bernard Goes To Music School". 
We started working on this project in April and now the book is in the print. 

It is understandable that I couldn't release full information until the date of the publishing was established. But now, I am so glad I can share the story of how I illustrated this book, my choices of color themes, composition decisions, and how it is to work on children book illustration in collaboration with the author. 

I will be presenting some of the illustrations and my artist's story about creation in the next posts. Right now, I am extremely happy that the book is almost published; and, soon many kids in the World can read a wonderful exiting story about boy Bernard, who went to music school. 

I will be posting my works of art into a special Gallery on my website , the Gallery that is called

and here is update from 10/25/16. The book is now published and it is available on

  • ISBN-10: 1523864753
  • ISBN-13: 9781523864751

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Wearable Fall Art

watercolor painting

I am used to see my art on the wall of art collectors. But I was curious how the Fall Art would look like on clothes items. How the fall leaves, for example, would fit into the wardrobe.

The artwork Autumn Flow looks great not only on the wall as a framed art; but, as well as the scarf or top or even a dress:

watercolor pattern
watercolor autumn
watercolor pattern

Another artwork that I've created as a fall pattern, contains deeper solid colors of the great season:

watercolor painting

It does look cute on the skirt, short sleeve top design, and a dress:

watercolor Autumn

watercolor autumn painting

watercolor autumn

More art is HERE

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