Friday, April 29, 2016

Art Licensing Journey

Sztukowsi stretched canvas Sunflowers painting

The Art Licensing Journey continues for me and my paintings. 

As I've received the first Quarter payment from the company I work with (The ArtWall) , in the article I was writing previously (link is HERE), the whole excitement of being Licensed Artist seemed to be much more real.

For me licensing my art means that more people will be able to obtain the copies of my favorite paintings. 

Today, I've learned that not only and are now selling my art; but, as well as one of the most successful retailers such Walmart ( or should we rename it Walm-ART ;)) is presenting the paintings that I have completed in the last five years. 

Affordable Artwork for sale

In this case, being a licensed artist on my Art Licensing journey, and I can say with confidence now, the hard work does pay! :)

Friday, April 22, 2016

Abstract Watercolor Painting

green and blue home decor interior

As I could predict, working on the project that involved very detailed watercolor illustrations of seeds, spices, flower buds, etc., I needed some rest and relaxing. And what is the best way to relax for an artist than to switch to a fast fearless brush strokes and create some abstract paintings. 
The Green and Blue Organic Curves watercolor was born by dabbing a sponge into a wet watercolor and generously patching the watercolor paper while listening to a nice classic music. So, in this project (above) no brush was used at all.

The next design was created with the flat dry brush. I used water this time as little as possible. You can see the brush strokes that are covering each other without melting. That what a dry brush technique is all about:

abstraction red blue yellow interior decor

And the last but not least experiment with watercolor was when I let the color paint itself by placing clear water streaks on the paper first and then randomly inserted all Rainbow Colors. The colors melted into each other creating unique lovely pattern of a Watercolor Rainbow Rain.

I love how great it looks in a simple interior decor:

abstraction interior design

and if to flip the very same painting upside down, and place above the fireplace the painting delivers totally different feeling. To me it even looked like a fire pushing the water up up up :
abstraction for home decor and interior
All interior design photos are curtesy to ImageKind at

More abstract artworks can be found in my 

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Spices - Star Anise - Coriander - Cinnamon - Cloves

realism in watercolor spices Irina Sztukowski

In preparation for another exiting yogurt flavor for the International customer; I am painting lots of spices in watercolor these days. It was fun to paint cinnamon for the Apple Strudel label. Now it is time to explore a perfect shape Star Anise spice, Cloves, and Coriander

The customer is already pleasantly surprised me with Elderberries flavor. It was fun painting the bunch of flowers in full bloom. 

And you will be definitely surprised to learn the next flavor that contains some if not all the spices above :)

What I like in the Artist's job that when it requires me to paint food illustrations in watercolor, I have chance to explore the beauty of the Nature while painting fruits, berries, vegetables, and now even spices. 

Friday, April 8, 2016

Elderberry Flowers

Irina Sztukowski art by Irina Watercolour

Botanical painting of Elderberry Flowers became an inspiration for another illustration for my International customer. 

In Europe, Elderberry Flowers yogurt and jams are quite popular. 

I've never tasted the fresh flowers; but, I do have tea with elderberry flowers and it has a great flavor.

When I was painting this still life, I remembered my grandma, who made delicious jams out of berries themselves. It was a little tart to my taste, but it was great when we put the jam into pies, on the toasts, into compotes, or a special Russian drink called "Kissel" ( [kise'l']

Ah, the childhood memories are always the vivid ones :)

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Friday, April 1, 2016

Apple Cinnamon And Cinnamon Raisins Yogurt Illustrations

realism in watercolour

Realism in watercolour illustration

These two sweet and spicy still life paintings were born after I was contacted by a Swiss company for a creation of Yogurt Labels. The exciting project will contain several labels, including Apple Strudel.

 I cannot release yet the name of the company; but, I promise when the yogurts hit the European market stores' shelves, I will post the photos of the illustrations and how they look on the jars. 

Each illustration is going to be unique. The composition will be different from the ones that can be seen above.  

More creations are in Food Illustrations Gallery

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