Thursday, April 14, 2016

Spices - Star Anise - Coriander - Cinnamon - Cloves

realism in watercolor spices Irina Sztukowski

In preparation for another exiting yogurt flavor for the International customer; I am painting lots of spices in watercolor these days. It was fun to paint cinnamon for the Apple Strudel label. Now it is time to explore a perfect shape Star Anise spice, Cloves, and Coriander

The customer is already pleasantly surprised me with Elderberries flavor. It was fun painting the bunch of flowers in full bloom. 

And you will be definitely surprised to learn the next flavor that contains some if not all the spices above :)

What I like in the Artist's job that when it requires me to paint food illustrations in watercolor, I have chance to explore the beauty of the Nature while painting fruits, berries, vegetables, and now even spices. 

Amsterdam Holland - Sketchbook Project If I ever go to Holland I plan to start with it...