Sunday, June 26, 2016

Magic Watercolor Flowers

A small act of kindness can go a long way. And the giver sometimes can not even guess what a big huge deal for the recipient it could be. My story starts sad but it has a happy end.
Last Saturday I was recovering from an illness; and, I was under a house arrest for a couple of days in order not to pick up extra germs. Feeling Blue is usually not in my vocabulary unless it pertains to the art show in Naperville, IL, with that exact name where some of my paintings were participating a while ago (previous post is right HERE). The idea of holding a pencil or a brush did not even cross my mind on Saturday. In fact, when you are feeling blue, no ideas at all would float in the head. 

My dear friend, knowing that I am not accepting neither company, nor I am willing to go out; she simply drove more than an hour to my house and left me a magical colorful message on my front porch. When later that afternoon I looked through the window, I saw a gorgeous flower arrangement and festive balloons are calling my name. 
What a great surprise! 
When I brought them into the house, my mood started changing minute by minute. The beautiful petunias, marigold flowers, sweet allysum, and blue little flowers were quite amazing. All of a sudden, I decided to paint the flowers. Considering my morning feelings it was truly magical turn. I grabbed my art supplies, before the desire disappeared. I comfortably sat in my studio. Needless to say, I forgot all my troubles for the next 4 or 5 hours that day. And I didn’t even want to get up until the painting was done completely. 

I can definitely say, the painting process healed my soul and my body. And I hope I was able to reflect these cheerful healing powers onto my festive decorative design

The business-like thinking came after I was done with the painting. After all, I am a professional artist :) !!
Now my customers can order not only paintings with these flowers, but as well as cute bags, home decorative items such pillows, and summer items such beach towels

The imagination has no borders when it comes to the ART!!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Winning Landscapes In Watercolor

California landscapes Irina Sztukowski Bestseller

Bestseller San Francisco Landscape

A while ago I wrote about an exiting endeavor with licensing of my art ( Art Licensing, Art Licensing Journey blog posts) and today I am happy to share the winners of the last two Quarters. The most sold landscapes were the ones that are also on my website are the bestsellers:

Carmel By The Sea watercolor painting 
Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco watercolor painting

I believe that the customers like  Carmel By The Sea landscape for its fearless brush strokes. I painted that artwork on the spot, L' Plein-air style, and I think the fresh ocean breeze and Nature changing pattern that day reflected quite well in this painting.

Another painting, San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge, was actually painted in my art studio from the photograph that my customer presented. This painting is quite different from the one above. It has lots of details and careful brush strokes, that obviously appreciated by so many customers of mine these days. 

I love when my art finds good homes and brings joy to the art collectors throughout the country and the world. 


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Hello Hello Summer!

Poppies field from Irina Sztukowski

The official date of Summer is just behind the corner; and, right on time, the company I work with decided to create a new exiting merchandise with my art. 

Now, my clients can order Beach Towels, Carry-All Pouches, Weekender Tote Bags, and even Portable Battery Chargers with the pattern of their choice from

What could be better to enjoy the Summer hot days having it with a wide smile and a cute artsy work:
watercolor by Irina Sztukowski

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Wild Mustard Seeds And Flowers Watercolor

realism in watercolour
At the end of the last year I worked on the festive Ham Glaze label for Ballymaloe company from Ireland; and, I was gratefully accepting the challenge to paint quite complicated food item and to paint it in my favorite medium, watercolor; yet, still meeting all customer needs for a good presentation. 

This year the same company came to me with another interesting request, Wild Mustard. The company wanted to show mustard seeds and mustard flowers on the label. Lucky for me, California that days just opened Wild Mustard Flowers season. Everywhere I went I saw fields and fields of wild mustard, bright and gorgeous and yellow, the pleasure to the artist's eye when combined with blue of the sky and the green hills. 
So, the Nature helped me to accomplish the project in no time. The customer was quite satisfied with the outcome. And I am so happy I could bring the feeling of hot California sun into my painting that is now traveling to Ireland.

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