Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Winter Forest

watercolor interior decor

With Winter slowly but surely invading the land I felt like adding some cool colors to my recent creations.

The abstract Winter Forest was born.

Even though, the area I currently live in doesn't have snow; yet, the  below freezing temperature did push me to paint in white, blue, teal, and deep ultramarine colors. 

When adding the digital image into an interior design photos, I was amazed how sweet this Winter Forest looked not only in the bedroom decor, but as well in the dining room area:

blue watercolor

I was very pleased to see the living room interior addition as well. 

The same abstract Forest definitely highlighted the cool decor of the living room adding some tint of blue and hint of Winter presence:

interior decor design


Thursday, December 24, 2015

Abstract Ocean

Purple abstraction

In these two artworks, which are part of my new Abstract Ocean Collection; I am sailing my artist's imagination into exploring the ocean colors, and dramatic composition with moving waters.

The first canvas print contains the purple range of colors. The waters are rough. The waves are expressive and random.

Unlike the second abstract painting, which has the softer colors from sky blue to deep ultramarine. This artwork contains more structure. The waves are moving in a certain direction. Yet, the blue blue ocean is still quite chubby and animated:

Blue Abstraction


Monday, December 21, 2015

San Francisco Impressionism Vs Abstract

impressionism in watercolors

In these two paintings I was exploring Impressionism and Abstract. 
The brush strokes of the above painting with wet-on-wet technique  resemble Bay Area's windy day when the fog just disappeared revealing the fist sunlight that highlighted emerald green waters of San Francisco Bay. The silhouette of the city is on the background barely visible through the lines of the Golden Gate Bridge.

For another, abstract, painting of San Francisco skyline I used vivid, contrast brush strokes to resemble contemporary life of the downtown with its skyscrapers, lights of the evening city, and the fast pace of the busy megapolis:

vivid watercolor


Tuesday, December 15, 2015

San Francisco City Skyline Watercolor

contemporary art California seascape

Location! Location! Location!

Living in one of the most beautiful places on earth, San Francisco Bay Area, gives a very good favor to an artist's imagination. 

I love looking at San Francisco silhouette from Treasure Island. 

I always wanted to paint the skyline and the time has come. 

For these designs I carefully drew the silhouette of this beautiful City and filled them with my abstract artworks. 
It definitely created a unique pattern that resembles the Golden Gate City, yet does not interrupt the viewers' eye with too many details of the modern life.

And for those who like the clear city skylines with white background, I made another , more abstract-ish silhouette of San Francisco that would look cool on stretched canvas with black or white edges:
contemporary painting California seascape
Location! Location! Location!


Thursday, December 10, 2015

Dramatic Landscape With Mountains

realism in watercolor

In contrast with my previous post where I was presenting calm peaceful landscape, this Landscape With Mountains surely has some drama going on. 
The diagonal brush strokes of the bursting clouds in the sky, the triangle shapes of the mountains and silver ripples on the surface of the mountain creek; all deliver active energy of the Nature and the stormy moods. 
I wanted to mix realism in watercolor with impressionistic technique here; and, using a golden ratio in the composition, I invited the viewers into to the scene,but allowed them to be safe observers looking at the painting from the comfort of their homes.


Sunday, December 6, 2015

Peaceful Sunset Landscape Painting

Watercolor Landscape

When busy Holiday times are coming, sometimes we forget to breath in and breath out. 
I wanted to paint this Peaceful Sunset Landscape painting with the calm waters and the pier and invite the viewers to cherish the moment of the quiet stillness of the Nature.


Friday, December 4, 2015

Baby Pink And More

interior design for kids

When looking at my new creations for Baby Room Gallery, I caught myself thinking "Gosh, it seems that I practically create for a Baby Girl only!".. Even baby blue Flower Cloud series seem to be screaming Girl! Girl! Girl!

art for kids
I had to admit, yes, out of more than 100 paintings and designs in Baby Room Gallery, there are probably at least 75% artworks that can be used for a baby girl room decor:

Well, I just couldn't stop creating floral designs. The flowers, either on baby pink or baby blue seem to be so gentle, so appropriate for a baby room decoration:

art for kids

art for kids

art for girl room

Then, there are not only flowers there, in the gallery. I also have a series with Winnie The Pooh that definitely was created to boys and girls. Actually, Winnie looks to me more suited for boys as he seemed to get into a lot of troubles by trying to eat that honey:

art for children

art for children room

art for kids room

Another series of paintings about Peter Rabbit was my fantasy on what would that silly boy dream about after his mom sent him to bed without dinner for his behavior at Mr McGregors' garden. 
It seems to me that these three paintings can definitely be applied to some silly boys in some houses:

art for kids room

aft for children room decor

art for kids room decor

Ok, looking at the Baby Room Gallery with the critical eye, I confess; there are many artworks for girls. But, the boys were not left behind; they also have something to learn from :)


Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Ham Glaze Labels For The Holiday Tables

realism in watercolors food

December has already a very good start for my artist and illustrator career. Besides of the fact that I was blessed with so many sales to my Art Collectors and appreciators on my website www.artirina.com; I also just had one more creative project that was cooking in my studio.
I am wrapping up a new label illustration for Ham Glaze for one famous Irish Company Ballymaloe.
Right before holiday season started, I was contacted by designers from Greenhouse.ie and I was offered this exciting job. 

The history of Ballymaloe company goes back to the beginning of 20th century. The company produces sauces, relishes, glazes; you name it!
 They even have a cooking school, Ballymaloe Cookery School, that they opened more than 30 years ago. 

Holiday Food Basket
(photo by http://lovindublin.com/)

I was honored to create the ham illustration for their new Ham Glaze.
The production label is still in progress; but, to get a little idea, it will look something like that, warm and yummy :)

watercolor food labels
I love making illustrations for food, such berries, fruits, and vegetables. Making one for Ham was twisting my artist's mind a little; but, following the ideas that the customer wanted to place on paper, I made it happen.

You can see more Food Illustration by clicking on this little heart below

jam labels


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