Sunday, November 27, 2016

Christmas Gift Ideas - Live Report

watercolor Holidays Decor

Just a week ago I created a new Gallery on my website that is called Gift Ideas and as a token of my appreciation posted a little discount code for my customers ( GVVPSS at the check out point); as already my lovely customers and Art Collectors started purchasing prints from my website :).
It is so great that two Poinsettia paintings went to Palos Heights from the state of Illinois:

watercolor Holiday decor

Both of these Poinsettia paintings look so festive as Holidays interior decoration.

And the local customer from Bay Area San Francisco decided to greet the guests by placing my Christmas Angel painting in the hallway of a lovely home:watercolor holiday decor

Many thanks to all my dear Art Collectors, who purchased or going to purchase gifts from my website , for appreciating my art!
Here are the galleries that are worth exploring in the spirit of Holiday Season:

and,of course, a new gallery:

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Painting For Publishing For A New Art Book

blue watercolor artwork home decor

I was invited by a publishing company Linea Editorial, which is located in Barcelona, Spain; to participate in a new book called One Watercolor Every Day. Their creative team selected my painting Spring In The Mountains. This artwork depicts an old blooming tree against the endless blue sky with mountains and birds in the background. It is a symbol of the beginning: a new life, a free spirit and eternal wisdom.

I am so happy to be a part of the book that will be published in 2017. It will contain more than 100 artists throughout the World. What an honor! I am very very pleased :)

I wanted to tell a little more about how I created this painting. 

The story of the creation of this artwork is quite interesting. One year, I was invited to teach the class at Disney Family Museum in San Francisco. The main idea of the lesson was to explore wet-on-wet technique. My first impulse was to teach the students how to paint sky. The subject with the blue sky and the tree just popped in my head. The lesson that I was giving in San Francisco was a great success. Art students enjoyed very much to learn a new skill. 

Later on, this artwork was selected by jury of the artists for the art show called Feeling Blue that took place in Naperville, IL Art Gallery

I have used two different techniques to achieve the desired results. Most of the painting is completed in watercolors; but, I used wax in order to reserve the whites of the flowers and the tree bark. Usually, I use masking liquid, but this time I wanted to make something that does not have to dry slow (as my student would not have so much time at the lesson). Then I employed a wet-on-wet technique mixing phthalo blue with a little bit of ultramarine. When the paper, 140 lb Cold Pressed Arches, was dry, I painted the tree with ultramarine blue right out of Winsor&Newton tube, and added black watercolor for the contrast. The blossoms of the tree, the mountains, and the birds were painted by using a dry-on-dry technique where a minimal amount of paint is applied to the dry paper with gentle brush strokes; and, where the artist has full control of building up an intensity of the painted subject.  

My Spring In The Mountains painting is truly going to travel a lot next year, now in the form of the publication in the art book. 
How many wonderful surprises are still there for my art?! 
I am so excited :)

Friday, November 11, 2016

Bernard Goes To Music School - Children Book Illustration

art for kids Bernard Goes To Music School
A little boy Bernard goes to music school. In these three illustrations I wanted to show the action combining the story of the book with the colorful season, Fall, in this children book. 

I painted the boy anxiously anticipating the first lesson and looking through the window while riding a bus.

He gets on the bus with his dad: 
Connie Du Bernard Goes To Music School
 He ride the train:
Irina Sztukowski art for kids
And all three illustrations above needed to be placed on one page per author's request. I drew a rainbow and two birds uniting these mini illustrations in one artwork:
children book illustration

Bernard Goes To Music School book is now published and available on It is easy to find by clicking HERE or by placing Irina Sztukowski in Amazon search window.

  • ISBN-10: 1523864753
  • ISBN-13: 9781523864751

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Playground - Children Book Illustration

Bernard Goes To Music School book

When I was a kid, our playground was a small courtyard blocked by two-story buildings. In the middle, there were trees with a table; and, around that mini-park were benches where we kids were sitting and playing. We had to imagine our games ourselves. We ran, we played, we laughed. The only climbing opportunities were the trees; but, the eagle-eyed grandmas that were sitting on the opposite benches of the courtyard would yell at us as soon they saw any climbing attempt. We knew that those grouchy old ladies were evil. They couldn't climb the trees themselves, and therefore, they would prevent us from doing so! 

Ah, childhood! How wonderful is to get a glimpse of it from my memory. As imaginative kids, without specially built playground we made our own courtyard a ground of fun play.

These days a lot of kids have full equipped playgrounds; but, do they use their imagination? Can they pretend that a tree branch is a mast of a sailboat that brings you far far to the ocean's unknown? Can today's kids play with the candy wraps and feel super happy when winning another one from the game partner?

If I pictured my childhood playground, I'd probably focused on the movements and face emotions of the kids there. A little girl would be sending a small paper boat sailing down the pond. A boy would be sitting on the tree branch teasing the other one to hurry and to catch up. A few girls would play with their dolls on the bench. And, two sisters would be conquering a new jump-rope. 

The painting above is the illustration to Bernard Goes To Music School book. 
The playground here is a modern one. Colorful slide with other cool equipment is there. The flowers all over the place and cute benches. Safe wonderful area for kids to play. The boy is daydreaming. He is the one that is a shy person, but we learn from the book that he will overcome his shyness and have many friends in the future. I wanted to picture kids in a far background  preoccupied with their games. And the boy in front is all by himself kind of separated from the crowd. Yet, he is a cool boy in sunglasses; but, who knows maybe at this point his glasses are hiding his sad eyes. But, I promise, the story ends very good. 

More information is in the book by Connie Du on Amazon, HERE
(or, just type Irina Sztukowski (the illustrator) in the search window of the search browser there)

  • ISBN-10: 1523864753
  • ISBN-13: 9781523864751

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