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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Breath Of Spring

Breath Of Spring Watercolor
Today, March 1st, and it is officially the first day of Spring in the country I was born. 

 I remembered it when I've received a photo from my East Coast relative showing his car completely covered with snow. Instantly, I wanted to paint something nice, fresh, and something that would give the hope reminding that the Spring is just around the corner.

I combined two techniques in this artwork: a realistic watercolor painting of Crocus Flower , which is pushing his beauty through the snow, with an abstract design at the edges. 

Just like a warm breath on the frosted window, this flower is revealing its gentle petals to the world adding color to a cold Winter and celebrating a new coming season. 

As always, more paintings with flowers are in my Floral Gallery

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Happy Easter Cards

watercolor card

This season I played with Easter Eggs to create these festive cards.
With the help of watercolor paint and watercolor markers, the eggs were "growing" like weeds in my art-studio-garden:


Butterflies and chickens visited my imagination:

watercolor design

The flowers were playing around dancing in circles around the eggs:

watercolor festive egg

The garden grew and grew from some magic bulbs:


There were so many flowers-eggs in my artful garden, that I had to create a whole new gallery that I named 


Happy Happy Easter !!!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Valentine's Designs

watercolor card
When my customers started purchasing Valentine's Cards in January, I was surprised at first but then realized: "Oh, that's right, Valentine's Day is right behind the corner!"
It inspired me to created more designs for this lovely (literally) holiday. And it din't take too long to fill the gallery with more flowers. 
It is great that people are still sending good old cards by snail mail these days. It has some charm chic, isn't it!

I am guilty, I keep sending electronic cards out. Luckily, everyone now can do it too through the internet licensing websites.
I am not an exception, the Valentine's Gallery is now extended to carry electronic cards as well.

watercolor card
The new designs above were added to both galleries, the "paper gallery" and the "electronic gallery" 

Happy Sooner Than YOU Think Valentine's Day!! 

Here are just a few of my favorite designs:

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Best Christmas Story Contest

holiday story

As an artist and illustrator I paint artworks that usually tell a story. 

In the month of November I am running a contest for the Best Christmas Story that would apply to the above painting.

Three winners will be selected:
1st Prize
Quality Print of this Christmas painting 10"x8" on watercolor paper (signed by the artist, front and back)
2nd Prize
A dozen of cards from the Artist's collection that includes one hand-painted card.
3rd Prize
Half of a dozen greeting cards selected by the Artist.

Just e-mail me the story. 
It doesn't have to be too long (a half of printed page or a page will do good). Look at the painting of this Christmas Scene, imagine, create your own Christmas story

Please indicate if you want your name published when I place the story online between the 1st of December 1st and the 10th. The winner story will be next to the painting on my website; and, who knows maybe some day it will be in a book.
Live To Create!! 
Cheers from Irina Sztukowski

Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Light Through The Roses

watercolor still life

In this semi realistic and impressionistic still life painting I wanted to point out the contrast of the light and dark. The sun rays are moving from the window directly to the rose bouquet penetrating the rose petals and leaving a bunch of whimsical shadows and reflections on the antique table.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Botanical Impressionism On Baby Blue

painted cards

My Botanical Impressionism series is continuing; and, now I feel like going to a Baby Blue mood. It started with painting on handmade paper when I created a few little handmade watercolor cards. 
I placed one card against a blue canvas and instantly fell in love  with the idea:
a handmade paper edges with the baby-blue canvas bring somewhat vintage feeling into the artwork. Yet the flowers, that are painted spontaneously, give a good impressionistic feeling.

Here are a few more recent designs:
Botanical Card

Botanical Impressionism

Watercolor Cards

A true burst of flowers is now in the Decor Gallery : tulips, daisies, daffodils, and many others! Yet it still growing just like a good gardener is using water to grow his plants, I use the watercolor and imagination to "grow" my watercolor flower bouquets.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Happy Birthday - Again?!!

Happy Birthday

It is becoming a good tradition now to give myself a Gift of Art every year. 
This year in the month of my Birthday, I created Happy Birthday designs with the flowers from my virtual garden, most of them are the images of the paintings that were already sold. And now, they get a new, also very Happy, appearance in my Happy Birthday designs.

For example these lovely Sunflowers:
 I thought that blue and green background with yellow highlights will give them a good contrast:  

floral design   watercolor

 The gentle purple of the orchid called for lilac and purple shades:

Happy BD watercolor

Rich royal blue helped the Poppies and Purple Iris to be "framed" in a simple, yet romantic design:

Happy Birthday   Happy Birthday

As well as those Impressionistic Water Lilies, which are "floating" in the blue, water-like, surrounding:

watercolor design

 Juicy pink made my Hibiscus and the Rose with the Dew Drops even more gentle:

Happy Birthday Card   Happy

And a sweet miniature Tulips on the window were just a right size for this vintage feeling Birthday card:

Watercolor cards

Overall, I shell say, I went overboard with my Happy Birthday designs this year as I created dozens of floral Birthday cards.
 But what a great gift to myself!! 
Besides, I surely had lots of fun!

More designs are in my Cards Gallery here

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Love Is All Around - Looking Back

Valentine's Card

Only one month is left before Valentine's Day; and, I am working on Valentine's designs. This season I've started with a few images from my collection.
All of them, in my opinion, are well suited for this heart-full holiday.
The Tulips On Fire above were so good for warming up any heart; and the reach background might be loved by a person, who (like me) appreciates green.

Next design is definitely for purple color lovers. 
The Stripy Purple Orchid was a good match:

Happy Valentine Day Card

A written Love Note looks great on this still life with the Pen and A Red Heart:
Happy Valentine's Day card

An antique doll is inviting her Valentine for a Tea Party:
Be My Valentine

A Sweet Valentine note to her mom from a cute baby in a Heart shaped dream:
Be My Valentine watercolor card

And a few giggles from a Red Hat holding a colorful heart-balloons bouquet:

Red Hat With Sunglasses

And now, I am off to paint new artworks for new Valentine cards' designs.

Love Is All Around!!!


In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Watercolor Cards - Demo at Coffee Break

Painting Floral Cards

Demo at Coffee Break started with bright Red on my brush. I, all of a sudden, wanted to begin not with Wet-On-Dry technique as planned, but with Wet-On-Really-Really-Wet.. 

I splashed some water in random places on the paper and made them red allowing the paint to flow down creating the stems of the flowers. My model was a recent loose painting of Red Puppies, which I created using the same technique:

Purple Lavender Yellow Flowers

After the first painting was done, I've made a few more cards with Wet-On-Dry technique "pulling" images from my memory. 
Still Life Painting

Cards with Flowers

I hope everyone enjoyed the day. 
But the most people having fun, I believe, were I and these young visitors 
Fun With Paint

In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

Friday, October 7, 2011

Watercolor Cards

Decorative Style in Watercolors One of my printing companies screwed my printing order sending me 100 Note Cards with the images that I have not ordered. The back side was blank with the cute red and black outline. I've decided to utilize the back side by painting flowers and making greeting cards ... Doesn't take too long for an Artist to use the Creativity ;).. SOLD
Someones mistake will be turned into a pleasure of painting and potentially into a profit. I'll eventually place them into my Etsy Shop.
As they say: Everything is happening for a reason!

watercolor cards


botanical painting

Botanical watercolors

Round glass vase


Watercolor cards decorative botanical style

In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

For more Flowers, please see my Floral Gallery HERE


Saturday, February 26, 2011


A small 4"x6" painting with which I am opening my Thank-You Card series. A simple thank you is so important and sometimes is incredibly essential not only for the person who's done a good deed but as well for the person who thanks.. yes..a little bit too philosophical but it's just my thought...
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