Monday, June 29, 2015

Sorrento Lemons

Sorrento Lemon

A recent painting of mine grew up into a new commission painting and many interesting designs to follow. 

An art collector liked one of my paintings of Sorrento Lemons; but it was a little twist requested. The format of the original painting was a standard size; and, my client wanted a new, elongated one, in order to fit the painting into the interior of her sun-room properly.

We started working together discussing a composition, format, color theme; and I proceeded with the painting of a new piece with the new approach and enthusiasm. 

This time I placed a dark Alizarin Crimson (deep red color) on the bottom of the future black background. I have added one more lemon on a top to emphasize the elongated "flow" of the still life. 
After the background was completed, I carefully painted lemons and leaves one by one; and, I left the flowers details for a dessert (below the new designs you could see a little movie that captures the whole process).

I really liked the outcome of the New Sorrento Lemons. The juicy bright fruits looked so lovely and so festive on the deep dark background. 

I couldn't hold my artist's itch and created a few pillow designs right away.

And here they are.

lemons of Sorrento

Lemons of Sorrento

Sorrento Lemon
Thinking that I can also place the lemons on other background colors rather than just dark, I made a few designs that warmed up my artist heart.

I truly believe that Lemon Theme would look super grate on a few kitchen towels:

kitchen gadgets

..and why not on something else; for example, placemats, serving trays, or decorative glass boards:

lemon designs

But, as my followers might already know, the creation process has not stopped at those items. I also posted different designs with coasters, paper cocktail napkins, and even porcelain plates (four dozens for every taste) into the Lemon Theme Gallery

The birth of Sorrento Lemons was captured on camera; and, I made a few minutes long movie "shrinking" a couple of weeks process into a Lemon Still Life step-by-step creation:

Friday, June 19, 2015

Pillow Or Scarf? Scarves Or Pillows?


I was overwhelmed with happy creative thoughts when I've learned I can put my art on the pillow cases. Now the opportunity opened itself again as I found that I can place my art on the silky scarves through one of the companies that I work with.

The questions are:

Which art is looking good on pillows?

Which art is looking good on scarves?

Scarves or Pillows?

Pillows or Scarves?

And here I am creating restlessly. First I placed a few abstracts to see how it looks like. The Blue Abstract was one of my customers favorite in the vertical forms for pillows; but, I wanted to see how it looks like in dynamic and made the lines flow

Then, I grabbed my Fall Impressionism artwork and placed it on both, pillows and scarves.. Looking good, good:
orange and red design

orange yellow red design

But I really wanted something more repetition-al, something more settled on my designs. The Blue Geometry artwork helped me to succeed:

Scarves with cold patterns

On another hand, when I placed more realistic work, in this case my Pink Lilies, in the pattern format, I all of a sudden saw a whole new approach to the visual.. I called this pattern Pink Lily DNA:
floral patterns


And of course, my personal favorite, are the Impressionistic Sunflowers, that in a bunch were looking even more festive on the dark background of the pillow cases and scarves:

watercolor art
yellow flowers watercolor

But the question is still up in the air:
Pillows or Scarves? Scarves or Pillows?

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Dutch Still Life With The New Twist

In these several paintings I combined my love to the Dutch Still life style with the exploration of a new medium for me. I am playing these days with watercolor pencils.
I've tried several brands and came up to a conclusion, that the same as in watercolor paints, I prefer to work with the high quality watercolor pencils when it comes to this medium.
For now I found two wonderful brands that really work great:  

Albrecht Dürer Watercolor Pencil Tin and Derwent Inktense Pencils

Here are some of them:

And what could be better to try a new twist on Dutch Still life style, when working with new medium.
The Dutch masters  couldn't even imagine that in the 21st Century one artist would dare to paint their style not only with watercolor, but as well with watercolor pencils, and ink :)

Though, they also wouldn't imaging blogging about it ;)

After drawing with watercolor pencils, touched the artwork the the clear water, and, then added some Winsor&Newton watercolors for the background. When that was completed, and paints dried, I used a black ink to underline each object of the masterpiece.

The first one (above artwork) , Vintage Still Life With Grape And Lemon, contains an old style Dutch Goblet and an antique plate. 

The second one, Vintage Bouquet With Fruits And Butterfly, has numerous flowers in the glass vase, all from the different seasons. Just like in old Dutch Still life the painters didn't paint flowers bouquets from life. They usually collected sketch-references of each flower all year long; and, then they combined all their "collection" in one gorgeous still life:

Another artwork that I tried with watercolor pencils and ink, Vintage Still Life With Lemon And Berries, has an antique wine glass with juicy berries and a cut lemon, just ready to be served for a nice Summer dinner:

And here is a nice bunch of freshly picked fruits and berries from the 16th Century of a Dutch Still Life painted in our days into a contemporary illustration style. 

I had a feeling that applying an ink into these paintings made them smile, saying "Thank you for remembering us, and giving us a new life!" 

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Vintage Window With the Bicycle And The Basket

realism in watercolor

The commission painting for my customer is now completed. It took long for the composition to be settled. The journey was fun and full of explorations.
My customer wanted a country style painting with a bicycle that has a flower basket and an old window with shutters. I loved the idea; and, I offered several paintings and ideas to choose from.
And here what the customer selected.
She wanted a blue bicycle that she selected from my painting that I posted previously -  (see Hot Hot Chocolate for reference).
Then the customer decided she wanted a bread in the basket of the bicycle, just like in my French Bakery painting.
She also wanted the basket to be round and light yellow, and a plant on the ground, like it was in the French Cafe painting, but I was asked to "plant" lavender instead of geranium.
I also offered my customer to choose the cutout on the window shutter and asked her to send me a few photos of her pets, her lovely cats. I wanted to make the painting personal by placing her favorite kitties on the artwork.

Then, after the composition  was settled, I made a little sketch to finalize the colors:
bicycle with basket
The painting process cannot be started until the careful drawing is completed. It took me a while to draw such a large format. 
After drawing was done, I have reserved the spaces with small details in order to paint the large areas:

watercolor painting process

After several washes on the window, I moved along to one detail after another. I painted the window trim,the shutters, started "weaving" the basket, and "planted" the lavender:

painting basket flowers window shutters

I can't even say what was the most fun to paint, all the details were so interesting, so different, and so enjoyable. I loved to create the different textures: the wood of the shutters, the smoothness of the window glass, the sandy texture of the brick wall, and of course a warm beige of a freshly baked bread. 

And I left the kitty cats for a dessert. I painted them last:

realism in watercolors

When painting was completed, I created a digital design of just the cats; and, I send them, virtually of course, to a "Cats Museum" in my Pets Gallery. They were too cute to resist. 

watercolor cat and butterflies

The good part, and I am so excited about it, that now any painting of mine can be placed not only on paper, canvas or metal print; there are also pillows creations available.
I was curious how the painting look like on the pillow, and here it is: 
bicycle with basket and bread
But not only the pillows, the tote bags are also in style.. the country style :)

bicycle with basket flowers and bread

The realistic painting on the pillow and bag is sweet; but, I wanted to make some kind of Abstract country style from some of the elements of the initial painting.

And the abstract designs with flowery country quilts were created. It is hard to stop me as an artist to explore different options, play with colors, shapes and compositions:

abstract design

abstract painting

abstract squares

abstract painting

abstract painting

abstract design
All the designs above are from my website

However, my Zazzle store hasn't been left aside. There, I made a country style quilted coasters designs:
abstract design

And, while I was creating coasters, I realized, that Zazzle now offering throw blankets together with coasters, etc. 
The Country style Quilted designs were applied there as well: 

quilt abstract

And that how one interesting commission painting can inspire the artist for numerous and diverse creations. 

Live to create!!!

As always more creative art at 

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