Saturday, October 31, 2015

Abstract Forest

watercolor landscape

In the months of September and October I have been away from home for a good half of the month. A dozen of these days was in the forest, woods, mountains of Northern California. I took, so to speak, a business art-trips there while camping with my family. Each time we went to the forest, I would be taking a set of paint and brushes; and, I created all day long thinking of new designs and new illustrations. Our house-on-wheels is quite comfortable for me to paint. It has a large dining room and a table where I can create. I call it My Art Studio On Wheels. 

Being in the woods and painting in my mobile art studio gave me a great idea to bring the Forest into the interior of a house, to deliver the Nature into a home of the art collectors. 

And that how my Abstract Forest series has been started. So far, I created Fall Abstract Forest and Winter Frozen Forest. But there are two more seasons and many other forest designs are ahead. 

watercolor landscape

I have even posted a black and white illustration on my website, which is created in a special, PNG, format and allows the customers to play with the colors of the background. They can choose all available colors and just watch how the forest obtains a different feeling to it:

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Mountain Rigi - Antique Watercolor - Turner Study

Old Masters study

After visiting William Turner's exhibition in De Young Museum (my previous post Stormy Seascape Vintage Style showed how excited I was to go there); I became even more interested in Old Masters styles and techniques.

I have decided to study several Turner's paintings with Mount Rigi. My point was to explore the ability of antique, 1894 watercolor paint set, which I have purchased last year for this specific purpose, e.g the study of the Old Masters techniques. 

I loved to challenge myself, and paint without the limits, yet being limited by 19th century pigments and tools. 

In this painting, I combined study of three different Turner's paintings of this Switzerland mountain: Blue Rigi, Red Rigi, and Dark Rigi. 

I was lucky to see two of the paintings in the De Young Museum. I was standing for probably good twenty minutes exploring inch after inch of the Blue Rigi and the sketch of the Red Rigi, presented there at the exhibition:

antique watercolor

antique watercolor

Turner painted all three paintings in 1842. I have the antique watercolors sets ranging from 1894 through 1952.
The color pallet there is definitely limited, and the pigments are almost hard as the rocks. But, I love them. There was so much of excitement that was coming out or into me (or both) when I touch these paints with my brush. It is hard to explain. It needs to be experience personally :) 

The watercolor set (top left) was from 1894 and I mostly used that one to accomplish my painting.
I also looked at the print of the Blue Rigi by Turner, and the illustration in my book British Watercolors, where I found Dark Rigi:

antique watercolor

Somewhere, in the middle of the process, something magic happened. My brush wanted to add some details that were not in Turner's paintings. 
The tour into the Old Master's masterpieces allowed me to create my own art piece, full of light, color and fresh mountain air. I felt as if I was there in 19th century; painting this gorgeous Switzerland landscape. 
Wonderful feeling!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Riding My Bicycle Everywhere

decorative watercolor artwork

These days I am playing with bicycle illustrations for my Bicycles Gallery
There is certainly something romantic in the image of a bicycle with the landscape. The painting is telling the story; and, everyone would have his or her own story to tell for sure.

My story is that I am riding my bike virtually to a lot of places on Earth, because as an artist I can :0)

I've ridden my illustrative bicycle with the basket full of sunflowers to the mountains (above artwork)

Then, I brought my bicycle to a marina with the bridge and the sailboats at the shore:
sailboats at the shore

Later, I've decided to travel to San Francisco and park my bicycle right next to the gorgeous Golden Gate Bridge:

San Francisco California Watercolor Landscape

I've even "traveled" with my sweet vintage bicycle to Saint Petersburg, Russia; where I parked it next to the monumental waters of Neva River:
Watercolor Cityscape

I had so much fun on my virtual travels!
And a good part of painted bicycles, that no matter where you go, the tires will never get flat!! :0)

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Women In Art Magazine Publication

I was contacted by Liesl Marelli. the editor of 
Women in Art 278 Magazine .

 She came across my work on the World Wide Web, and found that it would add a wonderful diversity to the Women In Art magazine.
Per her note, she was glad to discover artist like myself; and, she was happy to invite me with my artwork for their October issue. 

 In the invitation letter, Liesl mentioned: 
"Our magazine is published (in full) online and also in a printed format. We have more than 40,000 readers and our audience continues to grow." 

It was thrilled to share my art, particularly the landscape Blake's Garden:
realism in watercolors

I was also happy to share my  

Artist Statement

My artist’s goal is to achieve a balance and harmony between the beauty provided by Nature and the ability of the artist to convey this beauty on two dimensional surfaces. When this harmony is accomplished it evokes a visual experience and generates the emotions between the viewer and the painting. I believe that watercolor is the medium that can do it all.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Autumn Quilt Fall Collage

abstract paiinting

After saying a nice Farewell to the Summer, I thought it will be appropriate to greet the new season and welcome Fall.

In this abstract design I "quilted" in a hundred squares from the dozens of my Autumn theme watercolor paintings. 

I can imagine how these squares might bring the light into the interior filling a room with the cold air, yet flaming warm colors; and, celebrating this gorgeous festive season:

watercolor art

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