Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Bestsellers Of The Month - Watercolor Paintings - Month Of September

seascape with girl on the beach watercolour artwork

I would like to share here what kind of paintings from my website www.artirina.com were selling in September. It was wonderful to realize that there were some distinguished themes from customers of different locations that loved purchasing artworks. Perhaps people already thinking about Christmas gifts or perhaps it is influence of the upcoming change of the season, but the paintings that my Art Collectors loved and purchased in September were quite diverse and sometimes unexpected.

The girl and the ocean painting long time is my very favorite bestseller. Many art collectors, including the one from Ottawa, IL that purchased large print in September enjoying this artwork in their homes.

Local customer from Martinez, CA decided to purchase my painting of Martinez Marina Bridge. It was so nice to imagine that this artwork will be hanging in the same town that it was painted

Bridge over Marina in Martinez CA artwork

International customer from Glasgow purchased romantic landscape with Golden Gate Bridge and Two Love Birds:

A couple at the Golden Gate Bridge watercolour art

Another International Art Collector from Quebec, QC, Canada purchased fresh and colorful still life with Rhubarb for the kitchen decor:

rhubarb still life painting in watercolour

It looks so nice in a white wooden frame. 

Other customers ( from Burleson, TX; Hermitage, TN; San Francisco, CA; Floyds Knobs, IN; and from Aurora, CO) were mostly interested in the landscapes and seascapes for their home interior decor:

Carmel by The Sea watercolour painting California seascapes

lake sunset girl pier reflections on the water

Watercolor of two umbrellas on the beach landscape art

Inspiration Point Orinda California landscape artwork

Lake Tahoe landscape watercolour artwork

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Monday, October 16, 2017

Wildflowers Watercolor - Wedding Style

wild flowers bouquet and vines on the wooden stick
Wildflowers Decorative Bouquet in Watercolor

Here are few Wild Flowers in watercolor where simple outline with wooden sticks filled with flowers and leaves each time changes the design and visual quality:

Wild Floral in Watercolor Rustic Chick Style
Wildflowers Watercolor Bouquet with Wooden Stick Decorative Frame

Rustic Chick Wild Flowers Bouquet
Wildflowers Bouquet Rustic Chick Watercolors 

watercolour painting of wildflowers bouquet
Simple Rustic Chick Watercolor Bouquet of Wildflowers
Wild Floral Bouquet with Wooden Sticks Outline
Wildflowers Watercolor Design

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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Watercolor Food Illustrations - Artist Illustrator Irina Sztukowski - Tea Time

Letters made of vegetables watercolor alphabet
Watercolor Food Illustrations made of vegetables by artist Irina Sztukowski 

My watercolor food illustrations are now not only on labels of jams, yogurts, snacks, and pastas. I am proud to show a few delicious tea packages with my creative watercolor food illustrations such veggies, herbs, and flowers.

One great example is the Relax Tea by Migros Company's new product line YoU:

watercolour herbs and berries for creative packaging design
Watercolor Food Illustrations for Relax Tea packaging design by Irina Sztukowski 

Sweet tea for Good Night of sleep is presented in mellow blue tones and soft hues:
Watercolour paintings of herbs and flowers for Good Night Tea design
Watercolor Food Illustrations for Good Night Tea packaging design by Irina Sztukowski 

I am also glad that my watercolor food illustrations were a suitable match for a Beauty Tea by the same brand:

watercolours of flowers and herbs for tea packaging
Watercolor Food Illustrations for Beauty Tea by the artist Irina Sztukowski 

Another great example of watercolor food illustrations that can be applied to tea packaging is this tea, After Dinner Treat:  

Waterocolours of Flowers and herbs for After Dinner Tea Treat Tea
Watercolor Food Illustrations for After Dinner Treat Tea packaging by artist Irina Sztukowski 

And one of my favorite to paint those little watercolor food illustration was for the Power Tea: 

Watercolours of Ginger Flowers and herbs for Power Tea design
Watercolor Food Illustration by the artist Irina Sztukowski 

I loved painting ginger root and onions stalks together with leaves and flower for this tea box. 

It is time for Tea Party now!! :)

I truly believe that watercolor is the best medium for food illustrations not only for packaging designs but as well for editorial illustrations for food magazines or newspaper articles.

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Monday, October 2, 2017

Watercolor Editorial Illustration Publication Update

Spring In The Mountains Watercolour Editorial Illustration by Irina Sztukowski
Spring In The Mountains Watercolor Editorial Illustration by Irina Sztukowski 

Only a few months left before my Spring In The Mountains painting will be published in a new book by Linea Editorial company

I wrote about this in my previous post:

Painting For Publishing For A New Art Book

I also mentioned about this painting in the post about one art show:
Feeling Blue In Naperville, IL

It does take a long time to see an editorial illustration in publication. The process of the publishing involves not only artist's painting, but the work of whole team of editors, signing contracts, finalizing details.

I am blessed that this artwork was editorial choice; and soon, it will be on pages of a great book. I am also glad that I have an opportunity to paint editorial illustrations for different publications such magazines, books, and newspapers. 

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