Monday, July 31, 2017

Watercolor Flowers Product Line

artist illustrator Irina Sztukowski

Here are my recent creations of I Heart Art series. These gentle watercolor flowers came together in a hidden heart shape to present my love to Nature and its perfection, combining the artist illustrator's skills and many years of experience.
What I love about these designs that the customer can always have a choice of selecting not only products on which to place these watercolor florals, but as well as to select the size of the image and play with the background.
Here is what  I am talking about. The flower Heart can be cropped with outline of any color. Customer, as an example, can select either yellow or purple background, or any other color that fits the interior design:
realism in watercolor floral designs

I love also how the mug with this watercolor flower heart design looks different from all angles. When you have your morning coffee or tea, you can always turn it towards you with the side that you feel fits your mood for today:

watercolor illustration by artist illustrator
The tote bags can be also well "redecorated" by customers with simple application on the website that allows to choose which shape of the bag to select and either to keep the background clear white or add some colors to it:

artist illustrator illustrations in watercolour
And of course the cellphone covers "play-game" can be endless and it can be suitable for pretty much all models available on the market:
artist illustrator Irina Sztukowski
Needless to say, the main painting's clean sweet look with watercolor flowers on a stretched canvas would be a great addition to an interior design and make the wall shine: 

interior decoration for home and office in watercolour

Cheers from the artist illustrator Irina Sztukowski ! 

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Watercolor Food Illustrations - Chia & Quinoa Seeds

artist illustrator watercolour

Painting watercolor seeds illustrations for this project was heck of a work, but still a very enjoyable one for me. 
I researched the nature of the seeds with pretty much microscopical scientific approach. Then I painted a few seeds separately on a very large scale to understand the structure of these foods. Piling up the seeds together was just a matter of time. The key there was to make sure that the seeds were looking presentable as separate as well as together, completing a realistic still life painted with watercolor medium. 

The result was these two deliciously looking cookies packages that are now in the stores in Europe for customers to enjoy:
Irina Sztukowski artist illustrator

Irina Sztukowski artist illustrator

It is so wonderful to see the product with my watercolor illustrations going live!

More food illustrations are on my website:
and in this Gallery:

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Friday, July 14, 2017

New Product Line - Migros YoU Brand

watercolor illustrations by Irina Sztukowski

I am so glad that a project that I was working in cooperation with designers company is now public.

 For the last six month, I was illustrating foods (berries, fruits, seeds, and many many others) for a new brand by Migros Company that called YoU.

This project is now in the last phase and customers now have opportunity to buy delicious healthy foods. 

The news article by Migros states:


Zurich - With its own brand YoU, Migros offers its customers innovative products that are in line with the current trends of the moment and with a goodness and well-being. Whether it is a low-sugar yogurt or a superfood snack for breaks, products are also distinguished for simple and natural ingredients. The first products you include include six types of yogurt and two snacks. Other products from the various food segments will follow.

I especially loved painting Mango and Passion Fruit:

watercolor food illustration

As well as Peach Pomegranate:

watercolor food illustrations

And needless to say, a bunch of fruits and berries in this particular yogurt, where I learned odds and ends of one exotic fruit which I am anxious to try one day, the Acerola berry:  

watercolor illustrations by Irina Sztukowski

I am extremely happy that my art was a part of the food labels creation :)

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Cheers from 

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Florida Keys - Travel Watercolors And More

Florida Keys Islamorada sailboats shore

Last week I had another adventure of my life, traveling along the shore of Florida Keys with my friends. Amazing trip and unforgettable scenery. It was certainly a paradise for an artist's eye. I had an opportunity to paint a few watercolors there and brought tons of memorable photos that one day can transform into paintings.
Above seascape watercolor painting is from  Islamorada little town. Translating from Spanish, Islamorada is a Purple Island. When looking at the clouds' color in the distance I understood why they named this beautiful place after one of my favorite hues. The scene was so serene, so lovely, that I couldn't not to paint it.

We also visited a larger town of Florida Keys, the city of Marathon. Besides fishing, diving, and sailing, it has a big tourists' attraction, beautiful Faro Blanco Lighthouse that proudly stands in the marina of Hyatt Hotel right next to the Palm Island:

watercolor seascape

Another gorgeous place that I've visited was John Pennekamp State Park:

This, from the first glance, peaceful place showed us its habitat pretty quickly. I was amazed how much wild life Florida Keys have and how close you can get to meet the "residents" who in return don't even care about tourists taking the pictures:

Florida Keys

Amazing trip! True discovery of Florida Keys beauty and hidden secrets! 

Cheers from


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