Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Forty Nine Shades Of Gray

Lately, gray (or grey) color got somewhat weird reputation.It is even said that grey color is dull and nondescript; without interest or character.

Per Oxford Dictionary - Grey is Of a colour intermediate between black and white, as of ashes or lead (Gray - is US spelling of Grey).

But no matter how we spell it, the gray is not so "grey" at all. As an artist, I perceive the gray as the most interesting color that can hide all shades of other colors like beautiful secrets that are there to be discovered. 

 I have created this art piece from the multiple paintings of mine. For me,this design is unique, and it’s hardly possible to repeat it again. I looked at forty nine fragments and handpicked each piece organizing the composition of colors with care and love. And even though this painting design is geometric in general; the fragments of all shades of my artistic, live and lovely grey are flowing into a soft movement.

When looking at this artwork from the distance one could probably feel only grey overall color; yet, with a closer look, every piece would show its own happy hue and texture. It is like the Nature surprises us sometimes with its beauty of all shades of grey. Just think of a clearing rainy day or fresh morning sky. The grays that we found can be gentle like a crystal silver river, or powerful like a wind at the ocean in storm.


Saturday, February 14, 2015

Art That Liked To Find A Good Home

realism in watercolor

It is becoming a great tradition to post some pictures from my customers with framed artworks placed in their environment. Sometimes they send me a photo, and sometime I take photo before sending the artwork. Each year I select a dozen or so to present in the blog post.

Above painting is from the customer that ordered commission artwork with the Iris Flowers for her husband. The painting is now proudly hanging in Avinger, Texas.

One local customer from Martinez, California got the painting of Garlic And Olive right from the walls of my solo artshow in the historical downtown:
realism in watercolor

Another lucky art collector chose to purchase painting from the same art show, the Old Barn of Eugene O'Neil in Danville, California:
realism in watercolor

A client from Oakland, California decorated his office space with the painting of Lake Tahoe:

realism in watercolor

My dear art collector that keeps decorating her house in San Leandro, California with my artworks purchased these beach Summary paintings and sent me the photos in the interior:
realism in watercolor

A customer from Overland Park, Kansas will decorate her remodeled house with this paining of a Garden Rose:

realism in watercolor

And one customer from Spanaway of Washington state selected the painting of Japanese Tea Garden from my San Francisco plein-air painting collection: 

realism in watercolor

Yet one San Francisco customer decided to decorate his restaurant with my original painting of Paris street with Eiffel Tower view:

watercolor realistic painting

But not only originals are popular these days.

My dear art collector and long time art appreciator from American Canyon, California purchased the painting of Carmel By The Sea in print format and selected this framing option, which I liked very much:

International art collector from Brussels, Belgium wanted to invite home a print of my abstract painting of Waterfall:


An original commission painting of Eiffel Tower traveled to Vancouver, Canada to find a new home in my customer's dining room:
realism in watercolor

Interesting framing choice of my art appreciator from Russia, who sent me this photograph:


Another international art collector invited a painting-print of my artwork of Orchid to her house in Cuneo, Italy:

realism in watercolor

The blog post length is not enough to post all paintings and framing choices that I wished; but, I thank ALL my customers and collectors for appreciating my art!!! 


Monday, February 2, 2015

Solo Exhibition

realism in watercolor

In the latest CWA Newsletter

Irina Sztukowski’s new painting “In The Garden,” as well as seven
other paintings with landscapes and flowers, are presented in  the Solo Exhibition 
in the Art Room of a famous Martinez Courtyard Copper
Skillet restaurant. The exhibited paintings are completed in realistic
manner with variety of techniques from wet-on-wet to detailed dry
brush applications. 
Stop by, enjoy breakfast or lunch and have a great
811 Ferry Street Martinez, California.

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