Friday, November 27, 2015

Dance. From Cool To Hot!

Swan Lake Ballet art

Last weekend I have watched an outstanding performance of Smuin Ballet. They were giving only three concerts near the place I live; and, I am so glad I was able to get the tickets and enjoy their Holiday show. 

Smuin ballet is located in San Francisco. They perform all over the country. And they have great team of professional dancers from all over the world. 

I was watching precise movements of the ballerinas and caught myself on a thought that,usually, when I watch ballet, I always afraid that the dancer makes mistake; that there will be a tiny slip or break in the flow. But, this time, I was relaxed, enjoying the professional moves carefully coordinated with music tones. 

The choreography was amazing; the dancers were superb.  

My Dancing series came in mind as I could definitely see there a great friendship between music, dance, and visual arts.

As ballet started with the classical scene, I want to share a few art pieces of mine that correlate so well with the first Act of the concert.

abstract Ballet watercolor

watercolor painting

These watercolor ballerinas silhouettes I placed into the silver frame, to add some cool tones to the sky blue and ultramarine colors. 

Playful white ballerinas' silhouettes from  my Dancing With The Stars series, have no need to be in color. The white of the bodies shows the movement of the dancer and the watercolor background implies the deep blue blue night:

watercolor art Ballerina Silhouette

white silhouette dance

The second part of the Smuin Ballet performance, was as they said Cool Ballet. Yet it was really great and cool; I wanted to call it HOT. The second Act was all about Christmas and Holidays songs; and the colors were yellow, red, gold, and sparkly.

Right away, I had a vision of hot dancing ballerinas made in watercolors:

yellow red abstract dance

warm tones abstract painting

The sounds of music added so much vibrant lines into my artist imagination. I saw an abstract floral dance in my mind when watching hot movements on the stage.

colorful dance painting

And the last art piece I want to share here, is an abstract warm fantasy of a rising from whimsical Earthy colors ballerina. 
She has tones of Mother Nature in her outfit and monumental beauty of Arabesque dance.

abstract painting warm colors
By now I have around seven dozens of different figurines in my Dance Gallery that were inspired by watching Ballet and Ballroom dancing and by listening to a classical and contemporary music.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

Realism In Watercolor

To all my dear Art Collectors and Followers,

 I want to send a special greeting of
Thanksgiving time to express to all of you my sincere appreciation for your confidence in me and loyalty to my creations!
I am truly thankful and I extend to you my best wishes for a happy and healthy 

Thanksgiving Day !!!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Free Shipping On Prints and Canvases...!!?

It is a known fact that shipping is quite expensive these days. Yet a lot of big companies such Amazon or manage to offer clients free shipping on their merchandise.

This was, and still is, very hard to accomplish when sending large prints or stretched canvases.

I was recently contacted by a developer of a new company that tries its best to provide a good service the the art collectors and yet maintain the quality of wall art.

The letter clearly stated:

We are printing company founded by artists and photographers, we are 
based in Montreal and New York. ( So we are able from Canada or USA 
easily without any customs fees ).

Primarily, we are printing large size art. Mostly in Stretched Canvas, 
but also Acrylic, Metal … We want to focus on art and help promoting 

We have a unique concept and relation with our artists, we don't make 
money on the art, but want to increase our printing volume, so we don't 
take commission on the rights you are asking on each sales.
Consider us more as a printing partner.

Usually, I receive at least two invitations a month to some POD (Print On Demand) companies. Though, after looking at their websites, and applying my long time selling art experience, I usually turn the offers down.

This one was intriguing. The website looked clean and appealing, the offer was promising; and the attitude of the developers was professional. 

The most appealing for me was that the company provided a free shipping for canvas and paper prints. And, as I received many complains from my clients that they love the art, but the shipping is "killing", I really appreciated the fact that I can help to cut the costs by all means.

Long story make short, I now have a very good tool for my art collectors to order artworks for their interior decor with free shipping. Yey!!

I also loved how the customers can go and virtually "place" my paintings on the wall of their choice, right on their computer screens. It helped them to estimate the size that they wanted.

Here are a few examples:

wall art for interior

wall art for interior decor

wall art for interior decor

coastal art for beach house decor

wall art for interior decor

wall art interior decor

I just LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT how the technology these days helps us, artists, to imagine our paintings placed  into the interior decor of a home.

Today, I still keep uploading my art into this new Gallery of mine. And it is way to go in order to have a full portfolio there. But if anyone likes any of my paintings specifically from and lets me know, I would prioritize and place them on this new website first. 

I am so pleased that I can now provide the art collectors with better price; especially with free shipping. And I hope this company keeps it that way!

And for my Fellow Artists I am glad to reveal the name of this new developing website:

Friday, November 13, 2015

Sunflower Drama

watercolor by Irina Sztukowski

Quite a drama happened in my backyard; and, I want to share here.

 I was determined to paint lots of sunflowers this season. With this in mind, I planted two rows of sunflowers next to the shed. They started looking promising and cute in a couple of weeks of intensive watering:

However, my dreams to paint live sunflowers did not match plans of Mr Squirrel that came to the back yard. Yes, yes, the squirrel just like the one in this drawing by the artist Masha Batkova.. 

Here is her Little Hungry Thief:
Drawing by Maria Batkova 
This animal (small in size, but with the BIG appetite) crawled on each and every sunflower and ate the tops of the flowers...


One of the sunflower he knocked down to use as the step; and, therefore, this one survived. 

I saved it and cherished watching it opening in my dining room:

But idea to create did not leave my mind. It even became stronger; and, I decided to "make a lemonade" when "life gave me a lemon" ...

I grabbed all necessary tools and created Italian Cafe scene for the collage Sunflowers For Two (see above)

Then I placed the sunflowers into a blue vase and the still life The Bunch Of Sunflowers was born. I've even decorated the Sunflowers of mine with the rustic canvas background and created a festive 3D artwork collage called Sunflowers Bouquet.

Watercolor by the artist Irina Sztukowski

watercolor collage Irina Sztukowski

And at last but not least, I managed to place a bunch of watercolor sunflowers into the basket and send it on a bicycle to a vintage style country scene:

watercolor by the artist Irina Sztukowski

Watercolor painting design Basket Full Of Sunflowers

Basically, I've learned a very important lesson in my artistic life:

If life give you a Squirrel, Make some Sunflower Bouquets 

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Paintings In The Interior

While working on a new international illustration project, I thought I will share a few beautiful pix from one website that placed my art into interior decoration. This visual presentation warms up my heart as I can see how lovely my art looks in different settings with different colors backgrounds.
Sometimes it is not that much color needed to highlight the room with a few flowers and a few organic lines (just like in this Black And White Forest painting) :

In this set, I loved how the bright Fall Leaves compliment the light pinkish wall and the colorful vases on the side table:

In the next interior I was surprised to see Purple in this yellow accent room. But I guess, the yellow-purple iris flowers give a good splash of color and play in the contrast here:

Dark evening room can be well highlighted with the bright purple abstract painting here, in this interior decoration:

And gentle purple botanical flowers seem to be a good fit for a bedroom décor:

I also loved a clean look of this living room interior. The bright colors of this abstract fire painting definitely give a good company to the couch. As they say: people often select the art to compliment their couch and not vise versa :)

Sunflowers Field with perspective allows a good depth to this interior of dean or a living room:

Yet, these sunflowers in the Dutch Still Life style painting add some classic touch to a bedroom, dining room, or hallway:

Many thanks to the website ImageKind that helped me to see the paintings in interior décor!

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