Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Peruvian Princess Lily

parrot flower

A beautiful surprise I have found in my garden last morning. As this season I haven’t planted any flowers in my new house garden; I have to enjoy the previous owners imagination and keep observing different flowers pop here and there.. 

This time it was this cute gentle pink miniature lily.

I have grabbed my watercolors and employed my newly purchased watercolor pencils together with them. I wanted to try the combination of both long time ago; and, these flowers gave me a chance inspiring my artist’s curiosity. It was fun to experiment with different shades of the pencils and see how water unite the strokes and melts them together.

The painting came up more vibrant in colors as I didn't have chance to over-mix the watercolors on the palette; and, I had to use what was given in 24-pencil-bunch.

Along the way, I've also learned some interesting facts about the flowers themselves. For example, if to leave them in the garden, they can grow up to 3 feet tall. 
Native to South America, this plant is commonly called Peruvian Lily or Princess Lily; Lily Of The Incas or Parrot Lily; and, it's real botanical name is Alstroemeria. There are as many as 190 different types of this flower have been developed (no wonder, so many names it's gotten!!), featuring many different shapes and colors, including white, yellow, orange, apricot, pink, red, purple, and lavender. This flower is quite popular among the florists as it reminds a miniature lily; it is a hardy plant, stays in the bouquet long and doesn't lose the freshness of the color.

I bet my Peruvian Princess Lilies will never lose their vibrant "parrot" colors no matter how long they hang being framed and placed on the wall :)


Saturday, April 18, 2015

Inspiration Of The Artist

watercolor illustration

What is an artist’s inspiration? 

Per Oxford dictionary Inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

It could be a light or a spark of a creative fire that can easily slip away..

For me an inspiration is definitely a process, a welcomed thought that manifests into some wonderful things. It is constant development, shaping the idea, meeting and overcoming the obstacles. And in order to achieve a final outcome, a completed artwork, the inspiration needs to be nurtured as if it was a living organism, a breathing creature.

I painted this semi-realistic artwork picturing the artist just at the beginning of his creation. The thought, the idea, the inspiration are already there. There are some questions, some answers. The petals of the creative process are blooming and surrounding the artist gently nourishing his fragile, invisible, and sometimes vague strings of thoughts. He just touched the paper with the first brush stroke. His heart is beating with excitement yet there is might be a doubt. But light of the inspiration will help him to conquer any fears; and, the flower of his creative process will blossom into a beautiful piece of art.

And now, I am going to reveal the mystery of my inspiration for this painting. The artist painted here is only 21 years old; he has many paintings ahead of him. He has two small daughters one of them was just born and another one is almost two years old. Both of them will become artists one day. They will absorb his dreams, follow their father’s inspiration, and create their own. 

It is almost half century passed since that day when he just touched the brush; but, the inspiration is still here for many years to come. 


Что такое вдохновение художника?

В Оксфордском словаре мы читаем, что вдохновение это процесс, который психически стимулирован на то, чтоб сделать или создать что-то, особенное, что-то творческое.

Вдохновение как искра творческого огня, который может легко угаснуть.

Для меня вдохновение, безусловно, желанный процесс мысли, который воплощается во что-то замечательное. Это постоянное развитие, формирование идеи, встреча и преодоление препятствий. А для того, чтобы достичь конечного результата, наполненного искусством, вдохновение должно взращиваться как если бы это был живой организм, нежное существо.

Я написала эту полу-реалистичную картину, изображая художника в начале своего творения. Мысль, идея, вдохновение уже посетили его. Конечно же, у него есть некоторые вопросы и ответы. Но не всё ещё определенно. Лепестки творческого процесса как цветок окружают его  и постоянно подпитывают его хрупкие, невидимые, а иногда и зыбкие как туман мысли. Художник лишь коснулся бумаги своей кистью. Его сердце бьется от волнения и возможно некоего сомнения. Но свет вдохновения поможет ему побороть любые страхи; и цветок его творческого процесса расцветёт в красивое произведение искусства.

А теперь я раскрою тайну моего вдохновения для этой картины. Художнику нарисованному здесь лишь 21 год; у него будет много замечательных картин впереди. В его 21, у него уже две маленькие дочери; одна из них только что родилась, а другой уже почти два года. Обе они станут художницами одажды. Они впитают вдохновение своего отца и начнут создавать свои собственные произведения искусства. 

Почти полвека прошло с того дня, когда он нечал писать и рисовать; но, вдохновение никогда не покидало его, оно прослужит ему ещё долгие и долгие годы.


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sketching California

watercolor sketch

My recent field trip to the south of San Francisco Bay Area ( 3 to 4 hours of unforgettable drive) brought a lot of good memories and some artful subjects.

Above painting is the capture of the sunset through Piedras Blancas Lighthouse silhouette.The sun was "rolling" of that big white rock down to the horizon.. the wind was crashing the waves of the shore. I admired the reds and oranges of the sunset at the Pacific ocean.

Then, going more into the land I've visited San Louis Obispo, a town which is famous by its Spanish Mission, which was established in 1772.

watercolor sketch

Behind the church I found a gorgeous garden that was hiding centuries old Mission Bells

watercolor sketches

If long time ago the town was a center of Christian education of that area; nowadays, San Louis Obispo is a cozy sunny place to visit the museums, walk in historical downtown, drop-in to the gift shops; and, for me of course,  a great subject for the sketches.

After a few days exploring inland, I got back to the ocean. This time it was Morro Bay, which is named after a mountain formation, the Morro Rock, that is sitting right next to the shore like a monument to fishermen life:

watercolor sketch
Founded in 1870s, Morro Bay now is a center of beach holidays; and, undoubtedly, tourism is the largest city's industry.

Yet, it still remains a fishing port, Morro Bay has a national reservation for birds and wildlife refuge. 

During this art trip I also took many photos which will definitely inspire for many paintings to come.


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Apricot Jam

watercolor jam labels

My Jam Labels project continues with the new watercolor design for apricots. This happy juicy golden fruit was born a few days ago.

Meantime, the gallery Jams, Relishes, and Marmalade keeps growing in my artistic "garden", and many tasty jams are ready to be served:

fruits in watercolor
My love to painting the fruits and berries is in this collage:
watercolor realism


Thursday, April 2, 2015

Happy Easter Cards

watercolor card

This season I played with Easter Eggs to create these festive cards.
With the help of watercolor paint and watercolor markers, the eggs were "growing" like weeds in my art-studio-garden:


Butterflies and chickens visited my imagination:

watercolor design

The flowers were playing around dancing in circles around the eggs:

watercolor festive egg

The garden grew and grew from some magic bulbs:


There were so many flowers-eggs in my artful garden, that I had to create a whole new gallery that I named 


Happy Happy Easter !!!


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