Friday, October 2, 2015

Autumn Quilt Fall Collage

abstract paiinting

After saying a nice Farewell to the Summer, I thought it will be appropriate to greet the new season and welcome Fall.

In this abstract design I "quilted" in a hundred squares from the dozens of my Autumn theme watercolor paintings. 

I can imagine how these squares might bring the light into the interior filling a room with the cold air, yet flaming warm colors; and, celebrating this gorgeous festive season:

watercolor art

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Farewell To The Summer

When my friends started asking me this week how was my Summer vacation, I had to admit that I haven't left the house for more than five days in the raw. 

I asked myself:"Oh, Gosh! What I actually did this Summer?" as it flew by so very quickly.

Besides finishing two large commission pieces.

bicycle basket cats flowers window


sorrento lemon

and wrapping up the Yogurt Labels project with one Irish customer:

This project included sweets like Blueberries and Raspberries, Lemons and Forest Berries, Rhubarb and Vanilla; and, even Caramel Fudge images for yogurt lables. But the most interesting challenge all of them were in the black and white, were placed on different backgrounds in special PNG format of the image. A totally new approach for me as an artist, who mostly painted in watercolor.

So, I guess, instead of going on long vacations, I did take a mini-ones, mostly for the inspiration. 

The Trip To The Woods (my latest post) was a good example of it.

Or, going to San Francisco museums left a good impression and inspired me to  research an Old Masters paintings, such William Turner (the post pretty soon will come up) or Dutch Still Life Masters art
I've even painted one seascape following a good traditions of Great Britain masters this Summer:
Old Masters tradition

This Summer was really big for me in understanding better the illustration part of my art business.
I started creating many images with Floral Patterns (ha-ha, Summer really helped to get into the flowery mood :0) 

I also got kinda crazy about ballet and ballerinas silhouettes, which led to the opening a whole new Dance Gallery. I will elaborate on this in one of the upcoming articles. Here is a sneak peek:

Abstract Watercolor

And the last but not least I have added a Baby Room Gallery to my website; that became a quite popular among my customers and art collectors.
Just recently a client from Pinehurst, North Carolina purchased a bulk of cute pillows with my designs:

Wow, my Summer was big, BIG!! No wonder that I didn't travel much in the last three months :)

Instead, my art did. This Summer my artworks prints traveled to the states such CO, NY, FL, AZ, NC, CA, NV, TX, MA, MI, IL, UT, CT. And some of the artworks ended up in  England, Ireland, Kuwait, and Australia. 

I envy my art is traveling more than I do :)

But I do have to admit, if I didn't spend so much time in my studio this Summer, my Summer wouldn't be so successful!! 

Big virtual hugs to all my Followers and Art Collectors!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Quiet Morning Abstract - Published In Australia

Back in August, I was approached by a Promotions Manager for St Michael's Uniting Church in Melbourne Australia with an interesting proposal.

 The organization wanted to use my image Calm Quiet Morning Abstract Collage as a hero image for their upcoming September St Michael's Day celebrations:

blue painting
Each year, St Michael’s UC presents two people with The St Michael’s Medallions in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the community. 
The award is designed to recognize their work in the prevention of violence, trauma and destructiveness, and promoting growth, health and well-being.

Beautiful St.Michael's Cathedral, 
Melbourne Australia:
(Courtesy to Google and WiKi images) 

The theme for 2015 awards was Quietness and when administration was searching for an image that captures the sentiment of quiet, the Promotion Manager found Calm Quiet Morning Abstract Collage online. 
I am glad my abstract design was chosen to be published on the cover of the event booklet; and, it was serving a good cause. 

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Into The Woods - Forest Creek Landscape

wood river California watercolor

Not a long time ago I was on the painting trip to Northern California. The Nature there is so much different from San Francisco Bay Area where I live. 
I was fascinated by giant redwood trees, creeks and mountains. 
Gorgeous landscapes were asking to paint them right there, on the spot.

I painted this Forest Creek in impressionistic style, creating this artwork plein-air (outdoor), using fast brush strokes, capturing the beauty of the rising morning sun in the deep monumental forest. 

The mountain creek was rolling its waters and creating a lovely meditative scene, where you can be alone but not lonely. I was truly admiring the beauty of the Nature. It was a great place for relaxation, to stay connected, and rejuvenate.

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