Monday, August 13, 2018

Horses - Coloring & Activity Book For All Ages

Book about Horses and Hearts Cover Page

After being published just before the last weekend, this book 
became quite popular among the followers of my art. I am entirely grateful to all people who purchased this book from Amazon. Pretty soon the book will be sold through the online bookstores such Barnes & Noble as well.  

While Look Inside feature is still developing, I want to share a few pages from this lovely book to show the examples of artworks and some activity pages.

Here are a few landscapes with horses at the ranch:
Drawing of the horse on the ranch
Drawing of the horse on the ranch

And here are a few pages with activities that my customers might find interesting to complete:

Find Five Differences in drawings of horse activity page
Find Five Differences in drawings of horse activity page
Help the Horse Find the Barn activity page
Help the Horse Find the Barn activity page 

The book came out being suitable as for kids as well for adults. 
And I hope that people of all ages will love this book!

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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Hearts And Horses

The work on my new coloring book about Horses had its own mind. When I decided to create a coloring book with Horse Drawings, I had no clue that it will be a totally new format for me compare with Botanical Floral coloring books. I decided to add some activity pages to the book. Then I thought about Mary-Go-Round and drew fun horses from the childhood memories. But I didn't want to place a Mary-Go-Round sticks into my cute horsies. The idea about hearts came quite unexpectedly. Instead of the company of the sticks and bars, and circles; I've added some cool heart designs to my Mary-Go-Round Horses. So the half book is devoted to landscape with horses, half to fun Heart - Horse designs, and as the bolus there are a few activity pages such for example: barn maze, connect the dots, find the differences, and other activities. 

So, Heart & Horses, here we come! :)

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Friday, August 3, 2018

New Book Of Watercolor Techniques

Book about watercolor techniques
Book about Watercolor Techniques With Examples of Paintings 
It is quite precious moment when  you hold a new book about watercolor techniques, the most interesting subject for watercolor artist. It is even more exciting when the art that you create was admitted to this kind of book that contains more than 365 tips and tricks by more than hundred famous artists. 
I am so proud to be selected by editors and author of this book. They chose my painting Spring In The Mountains landscape, which I created when was preparing for the workshop and master class at Walt Disney Museum a while ago. 

So, I am holding my own paperback copy that publishing agency just sent me. It is a precious gift of colors, techniques, beautiful artworks examples. 

I love the idea that author and editors explored not only diverse approaches, but as well they invited artists from different cultures, from all over the world to participate in this publication. It makes this book so universally understandable, and lovely to read. The paintings are amazing. I certainly treasure every page of this watercolor book, and I hope that in the future more books like that will be presented to the public that appreciates the story, easy presentation of a complex subject.  

The description of the book explains it all:

Discover the great pleasure and fun of watercoloring with this great tutorial that reveals the techniques to master this medium and bring your creativity to the top, whether you have some expertise or are an amateur watercolorist.
Day by day through a whole year, A Watercolour a Day provides fun tips and useful methods that will show you how to play with shadows and lights and layer glazes to produce your own beautiful hues, create textures, and enhance particular features. This book opens the door to a new way of observing your surroundings and enjoying art and life, making the most of every moment. By the end of this book, you will have incorporated watercoloring into your daily life, and you will be well-equipped to start using these techniques in your portraits, landscapes, interiors, still lives, or abstract patterns and will feel completely at ease designing compositions and painting in situ.
Oscar Asensio is an experienced editor specializing in architecture and interior, industrial, and furniture design as well as healthy living, beauty, and fine art books. He has worked for a wide number of international publishers and his books have been translated into many languages.

The book can be found on Amazon HERE

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Monday, July 23, 2018

Adding Drama To The Flower - Coloring Book - Volume III Is HERE

Botanical Flowers Drawings on Black Background Book

Yes, the Volume III Coloring Book with Botanical Flowers has quite a bit of drama to it. All new designs with botanical florals are now on the black background. The instructions on how to paint, color,  and how to frame the art are included. 

My co-creators are ready to dive in and do a great job!

Back Cover of Botanical Drawing Coloring Book

Live To Create!! 


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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Painting Of Positano - Italy - Amalfi Coast

Breathtaking view of little town of Positano Italy. Town that is the must when visiting Amalfi Coast. 

 Watercolor on paper

Thousands artworks' prints ranging from realism to a decorative abstract and detailed botanical painting by Irina Sztukowski are presented now on her website  HERE 

Friday, July 13, 2018

Coloring Book For Children - Volume III

The new coloring book for children and parents is in the stores! This time I placed two dozen unique drawings into this book, sweet butterflies and cute ladybugs with lovely flowers to color. 

Previously published books for children got pretty good response from the public:


I am so happy kids and parents have the choice out of three books or even work on all three of them. It is also cool to learn that children can still have fun without staring at the screens of their computers, TVs, or cell phones. 

Live To Create!! 


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Monday, July 9, 2018

Truth And Beauty - Legion Of Honor Exhibition - Review

Last week I made the best gift to myself what artist can do to the artist (besides buying the favorite paints and brushes of course). I've visited a new exhibition Truth & Beauty at Legion Of Honor museum in San Francisco. 

The exploration of both, truly beautiful art and seeing the beauty of truthful comparison of two different centuries in portraiture presentation was really priceless. 

The organizers called this exhibition The Pre-Raphaelites And The Old Masters. But as well they can just call it Learn From Old Masters and they will be absolutely right.

The exhibition presented portraits and religious themes from the 15th century European Artists, and the mid 19th end of 19th century masterpieces.

Here is a great example, Sandro Botticelli, Idealized Portrait of a Lady from 1475:

and 1878 oil painting by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Proserpine:

or  Self-Portrait by Raphael from 1506:

And amazingly well done painting of Henry Wentworth Monk by William Holman Hunt that he created in 1858:

The beauty through the centuries was reflecting in these two portraits as well.
The oil painting by same Sandro Botticelli, the Portrait of a Lady Known as Smeralda Bandinelli, 1470-80. This painting was previously owned by the artist Dante Gabriel Rossetti. He believed that Botticelli used the same model for his painting of Venus:

Later in his career Dante Gabriel Rossetti himself used his wife as a model for many of his paintings, such as a beautiful diptych for example Beata Beatrix, that he painted in 1871-72:

Dante Gabriel Rossetti drew a parallel in this composition between the medieval Italian poet Dante Alighieri's despair at the death of his beloved Beatrice and Rossetti's own grief at the death of his muse, lover, and wife, Elizabeth Siddal. 

I also adored the 19th century painters Kate Bunce:

Saint Cicilia , 1901 by Kate Bunce

..and another woman artist Marie Spartali Stillman with her symbolic and stunning artwork Love's Messenger, 1885:

.. portraits by William Holman Hunt:

Bianca, painted 1868-69

and one of his wife, Edith:

The Birthday, 1868

One of my favorite sections of the exhibition was where some amazing watercolors were presented.

In the books print form:

As well as well preserved artworks in watercolor such as an example Cesare Mariannecci's copies of Old Masters.

Just take a look at his Copy after "The Delphic Silbyl" by Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel, Rome. Mariannecci painted it in 1867 and it is now masterpiece on its own:

Other two copies by him of Botticelli, Birth Of Venus & La Primavera.

Note that the artworks that Mariannecci painted from huge oil paintings of Botticelli are just approximately 20"x16" in size. The precision of a watercolor brush stroke is outstanding. His artworks, the  copy, became certainly a great example of devotion, love to the art, and admirable craftsmanship. If I could I would "camp" there next to these paintings for a week looking constantly at them and possibly make my own copies of the copies in watercolor :)

The exhibition left a very soft peaceful feeling on my Artist's Soul. I saw that the art yet developing through the centuries for sure, has one timeless quality, The Beauty. In our contemporary days it is truly hard sometimes to stop and admire a simple flower, a beauty of everyday life. But the gift of being able that, be in the moment, and have ability to capture it in our hearts is truly, undeniably, PRICELESS!! 

Here a few more artwork that I admired at this exhibition, Truth & Beauty:

Isabella and the Pot of Basil, 1862 by William Holman Hunt

Oure Ladye of Good Children, 1866 by Ford Madox Brown

"Leisure Hours" , 1864 by John Everett Millais

The Lady Of Shalott, 1888-1905 by William Holman Hunt

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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Interior Decor Ideas - Art For Home And Office

watercolor painting in interior decor

Summer is in its bloom and it seems that whole America is on the move; either for holidays, or for better place to live. Everywhere I drive these days I see the signs Open House, OPEN house, OPEN HOUSE! And with open house there are few great ideas coming to one's mind about interior decor. 

Above, a simple office with no window is transformed into a welcoming bright creation space with the Summer Garden,  my painting In The Garden

The living room decorative interior has organic touch with these Cherry Blossom branches with the deep sunrise on the back:

Watercolor painting of cherry blossoms

Incredibly well done to fit the warm environment is a triptych of an abstract work of mine in beige. It is provided by one of my partners Pictorem and has free shipping on most of the art pieces from my gallery:

beige lines painting triptych in interior decor

Another idea for home interior decor in warm tones is Abstract Map Of The World, and Abstract Forest. The living rooms with these artworks are truly coming to life with those art pieces on the walls:

Watercolor World Map painting in interior decor

Painting of Forest in interior decor

And it will be not fair to omit the realistic pieces for bedroom interior decor. The fresh, impressionistic painting Vintage Storm adds some peaceful drama with its organic natural brush strokes vs geometrical contemporary lines of the room decor (though I personally would change the frame to a black one with white mat, if I could, just my advice) :

Painting of Sea Shore in Bedroom decor interior

Another great marriage of Classical Art and Nowadays Interior is this piece, The Tulip Garden. This painting I made after traveling to Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. They have vintage Holland style Tulip Garden set up each spring next to a real windmill from Holland that was given to the city:
Painting Of Tulips in Bedroom Interior Decor

Kids' corner will come more vivid and bright with the Rainbow World Map. It is also quite educational for children to see the whole wide world in front of them and dream of the future travels, languages, new good friends, the oneness of us all. The learning process doesn't have to be necessarily "framed" but it certainly can be COLORFUL :)

Painting of World Map abstraction in interior decor

Another incredible possibility of home interior decor with watercolor paintings is to spread the artwork on wall from side to side in the form of a decal. Only one partner of mine is offering so far this kind of service, and I am so glad they do.

Ocean Shore in your house, a beach house feeling in the urban interior:

Wall Decal of seascape in bedroom interior decor

And the last but not least a beautiful Collection Of Butterflies in watercolor for the home office interior decor. No butterflies were hurt in the process:

Painting of Butterflies framed in interior decor

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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Watercolor Illustrations For Client - On Product and Packaging

It was a great pleasure to paint watercolor illustrations of berries, flowers, and fruit for my client Forster Molkerei 

Many more food illustration in my Portfolio here:

To request commission watercolor illustrations from the artist, please contact for the quote:

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Monday, June 25, 2018

Botanical Flowers Coloring Book Volume II

Photo of a new Botanical Flowers Book Back and Front Covers

Botanical Flowers Coloring Book has been published. 
I am very happy to incorporate there thirty of my customers favorite flowers:

Water Lily
Bird Of Paradise
Tiger Lily 
Morning Glory
Sweet Pea 
Chinese Hibiscus
Marshmallow Flower
Queen Elizabeth Rose
Aloe Vera
Purple Magnoia
Gerbera Daisy 

Here is a "little" description of my work :)

This book contains thirty unique flower drawings with their botanical names and the same drawings with their common names. 

Use your imagination with the help of pencils, markers, or watercolors to bring these drawings to life. Make sure to either detach the page you are working on or place an extra clear page behind the drawing when using watercolors or markers. A bonus is waiting for you at the back of this book: half dozen designs suitable for handmade greeting cards. Also, this book has helpful tips on framing your art. Stepping away from worries of the day is easy with this book! Relax, enjoy, and create! 

This coloring book is suitable for adults and kids. Whole family fun. Its unique designs have different levels of complexity. Today world becomes busier and busier every single day. Technology separates family members by distracting with emails and social media. It becomes difficult to fine peace with blinking screens of laptops, cellphones, and other electronic devices. This constant rush creates stress and makes people burnt out and brings them away from present moment, from joy and happiness. 

• 30 beautiful, stress-relieving Flowers with their common names, designed to occupy your mind and unleash your creativity. 
• 30 flowers with their scientific name. Same designs; but, more science for you to learn. 
• Half dozen unique Greeting Cards designs. 
• Different levels of detail, from easy drawn flowers to more intricate ones. Pick any picture from anywhere in the book; and, depending on your mood of the day, start your creative journey. 
• Printed on large 8.5x11 high quality paper with plenty of space for you to be creative and work on the details. And if you use black ink, you can always add more details around each flower. 
• As each drawing is printed with the reverse side blank, when you are done coloring, you can detach your unique artwork and frame it. This book has helpful tips on how to frame your beautiful art.
 • These flowers are perfect for decorating with colored pencils, markers, gel pens, watercolors, or crayons. 
• When you think about creative gift, feel free to share your passion for coloring and give your friend a gift of relaxation. Or, enjoy a good time of coloring session with family. 
• Coloring alone is also beneficial. It is calming, stress revealing, and meditative. 

Add the color to your life! 

Many people now finding out that coloring is great activity for anyone who wants to rejuvenate their thought process, relax by releasing mind from overwhelming stress. And the rising popularity of adult coloring books certainly shows that the genius is in the secret of its simplicity. It is easy to dive into the world of creativity suitable for both, children and adults, anyone who is not afraid to try new things, new experiences, and eager to learn anything new. There are no rules or special instructions. You can’t be right or wrong. The only things that you will need are few coloring tools and your imagination. 
Live to create! 
Bring the designs of this book to life! 
Relax and enjoy being in present moment!

Cheers from 

Horses - Coloring & Activity Book For All Ages

After being published just before the last weekend, this book   Horses   became quite popular among the followers of my art. I am ...