Monday, December 26, 2016

Winter Landscape Into Interior

I found a great solution for a Winter landscape by selecting this silver frame. Cool colors of the metallic polish fit so well all the cool hues of the snowy forest with its tall trees of the Sequoia National Park. 

Later, I placed the framed painting into three different interiors. These interiors are very similar by their muted light colors. 

The painting fit all three interiors quite well. It brought rather interesting highlights into each home decor:

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Tasty Season - Yogurt Labels

watercolor by Irina Sztukowski
watercolor label on yogurt and jams
In cooperation with Allink designers

What a great thing for an Artist to see her creations on the shelves of the stores! And even though, these yogurts are distributed for now in Europe only (particularly in Switzerland and France); and, it would be difficult to ship it to me to California; I am so happy and proud that my art is now live on these yummy labels.

Sweet and tasty Holiday Season opened with Apple Strudel and Gingerbread yogurts!

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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Christmas In July or December?

watercolor poinsettia stockings and fireplace

Sure I know the answer :). Yet for me Christmas started practically in July this year. Those days I was painting snow and holiday themes for the book Bernard Goes To Music School. The illustrations were fun to paint. 

In these artworks, the story goes to the times when kids had to say bye to the teacher for their holiday break:
children book watercolor
And then our protagonist Bernard went home to celebrate:

watercolor book for children

But something happened at the table after dinner. Of course, I will hold myself from telling in order not to spill the beans. I couldn't reveal in July that I was "working" on Christmas; but, I am so happy that by the real Christmas time I can share if not the story then the art from the book I've illustrated :)

Those days there was a lot of snow settling in my studio.

Daddy and Bernard walked the snowy streets to the Music School when behind my window there were flowers blooming under 94 degree sunshine:
And then they went home from the school into the cold Toronto Winter:

Brrr, it makes me cold just think about them walking through that blizzard!!!

Together we made it to the real Holidays, and now, in December, I can happily say that the book has seen the bookshelves right on time, and it will make a great holiday gift for the kids whose parents enjoy spending time and reading good encouraging stories together. 

Happy Holidays Season To Everyone!!! 

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Story Of An Artwork Creation

My series of the painting that I named Dancing Fire moved emotions of so many people. Besides declaring itself to be one of my bestsellers, this body of art inspired some for articles (example is HERE), some for poetry (Examples are HERE and HERE) all over the world. 

Yesterday, I was contacted by an Advanced Art Class student whose assignment was to write an article about her favorite painting. She asked me about a creation process. I was very pleased that the Art Schools are focusing on the contemporary artists these days. I also, thought that sharing about the process of an artwork creation, especially an abstract piece like this one above, would be a great addition to my blog.

Here is the part of the interview.

When you were creating this piece of art, what were you thinking of and what were your emotions?

 When I created this piece of art, I was conducting an experiment of some sort. I wanted to see how the watercolor from yellow to red, beige, and brown would flow into each other when placing the paint on paper using wet-on-wet technique. 
I had some hot yet classic music playing on the background that day. And while listening to the music, I was happily applying the paint with circular brush strokes. Then I peacefully, with the interest of a curious artist, watched how the paint “melted” and moved on its own. 
After the paper was bone dry, I’ve looked at it for a moment and the idea to add a dancing woman figure popped-up into my mind. 
It was rather spontaneous decision. I wanted to emphasize the flow of the paint with the movement of a dancing body and with her skirt curling in unison with the direction of the paint. 

I am so happy I can share my thoughts about creation of this Hot Hot series dancing fire :)

It is ALL about FIRE :)

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