Art Licensing Journey

Sztukowsi stretched canvas Sunflowers painting

The Art Licensing Journey continues for me and my paintings. 

As I've received the first Quarter payment from the company I work with (The ArtWall) , in the article I was writing previously (link is HERE), the whole excitement of being Licensed Artist seemed to be much more real.

For me licensing my art means that more people will be able to obtain the copies of my favorite paintings. 

Today, I've learned that not only and are now selling my art; but, as well as one of the most successful retailers such Walmart ( or should we rename it Walm-ART ;)) is presenting the paintings that I have completed in the last five years. 

Affordable Artwork for sale

In this case, being a licensed artist on my Art Licensing journey, and I can say with confidence now, the hard work does pay! :)

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