Grotto Emeraldo Amalfi Coast Italy Watercolor Painting

Watercolor Painting of Amalfi Coast Italy Grotto Emeraldo by the artist Irina Sztukowski

This painting was an inspiration after visiting Italy a few years ago. Amalfi Coast is gorgeous with its diversified culture and thousand years of history. But what really impressed me from driving along the Mediterranean seashore was monumental rocks and truly amazing colors of water. 

This particular painting is about a safe harbor of Grotto Emeraldo, where a few clever Italian sailors opened mini-attraction for tourists. They put you on a little boat and roll you into a gorgeous secluded grotto with just a few lights coming from outside. But even those little lights are enough to see glowing emerald of water created by Nature. 

Truly beautiful place! 

When I painted this watercolor, I used mixes of six shades of blue: cyan blue, ultramarine blue, thalo blue, blue purple, and vivid purple; and, for the emerald effect I used two different greens. The complexity of the water yet a flowing liquid effect that watercolor offers was in contrast with dry-brush effect of the nearby rocks. 

And if to place this painting print into a white frame, everyone can have a mystical window into that beautiful watercolor seascape in their interior decor:

Grotto Emeraldo watercolor painting framed in interior decor

Live To Create! 

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