Sunday, October 20, 2013

St. John's Ranch - Mt Shasta County

Shasta Mountain County

Shasta County Landscape painting realism in watercolor

Two lovely country scenes were waiting for me when last week long trip get-away brought us to Mountain Shasta county, which is five hours drive north from San Francisco Bay Area.

We were camping in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by the fields and mountains.. Not a sound of civilization, no Internet, not even a cell phone coverage. This truly made me think about serenity and peace.. 

I was painting both artworks in plein-air style, sitting under the warm California Sun. The light breeze was helping to dry my paints that I could move on and on. And only mooing of the cows and birds tweets accompanied me while I was creating. 
I hope the peace and serenity are shown in my works; as, usually, the artist's feeling influences the paintings

The original painting Range Of Mountains - 10"x14" on 140lb Cold Pressed 100% Arches Professional watercolor
The original painting Bald Mountain - 12"x16" on on 140lb Cold Pressed 100% Arches Professional watercolor
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