Way To Meditate With Watercolor Mandala

A few days ago I've accepted the Gratitude Challenge Journal Project with my yoga studio. I believed that exercising my mind and body was not enough; so, I decided to exercise my Soul as well in a deep meditation. 

And what is the best way to meditate for an Artist? Right: paint watercolor Mandala:
Mandala for Relaxation

Mandala for Education

Mandala for Meditation

Mandala for the Soul
I've added these mandalas to my Meditation And Affirmation Gallery as soon as I finished them. I am sure that if I found a deep state of meditation in watercolor painting, then most likely my Art Collectors might find a good connection to a meditative and relaxing way when looking at my art. 

These mandalas look so lovely not only on the wall in the form of interior decor, but as well on merchandise that can be not only placed at home and office, but as well being used and exposed to every day activities:

Look To Create!

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