Friday, September 7, 2018

Edgar Degas - Blue Dancers - Study

Edgar Degas Blue Dancers painting Study by Irina Sztukowski

Many years ago, for sure more than 20, I've visited a beautiful museum in Moscow, Pushkin Art Museum Gallery, and I was impressed with a great collection of Impressionists' paintings. 
One of them was by Edgar Degas, Blue Dancers
The ballerinas were so fragile and light even thought this pastel painting was quite contrasted. The movement of the dancers' arms created a vortex of the painting that keeps viewer's eye "locked" in one dancing circle. 

This week I studied this painting carefully (this time online  at the Museum's website) and I painted my own version of Degas Blue Dancers (above). The study of the Old Masters helps me to understand how they painted and what rules they followed vs what rules they bent. 

Live To Create!!

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