Thursday, September 13, 2018

All About Hearts And Unicorns?

Unicorn in the Heart Illustration by the artist Irina Sztukowski

I got so many customers asking me to paint Unicorns that I've decided to incorporate two, no, three of my favorite subjects: Horses, Hearts, And Unicorns; into a new coloring book that I started working on last month. The book is going to be published in October, right for the times of holidays. 
I am planning to include there magical scenes with unicorns, rainbows, and yes, hearts; as well I am drawing a good  dozen of  landscapes from my travels. 
I am also expanding the section with activities in this book such:
Connect The Dots
Solve The Maze
Find The Differences
etc. etc. etc. 
It will be more than 70 page book and a lot of work is ahead. I am also bringing on board a new artist illustrator that is collaborating with me on this book. 

This year is becoming a great success as for me as an artist illustrator personally, as well for the art community and my happy Art Collectors and Clients. 

Love them All!! :)

Here is a sneak peek to one page of the book that I am preparing in color for the cover:

Grazing Horses at Fort Valley Ranch Watercolor Pencils by Irina Sztukowski

Live To Create!!

Cheers from 

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