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Activity Book - Horses Hearts And Unicorn - Fun For All

Horses Hearts And Unicorns Coloring And Activity Book

Get your pencils, markers, and brushes ready: the book on Horses, Hearts, and Unicorns is fresh out of the print!!  :)

I am so glad that I was able to work this season with two wonderful artists for my Volume I book on Horses and this one, Volume II. Details on Volume one coloring and activity book is HERE, but in this article I want to share how exiting it was to work on the volume II.

In this book I decided to combine Horses, their beauty in Nature with some mystical creatures like Unicorns. The hearts came to mind since the book one, I wanted to keep them in the book two as well. And what is the best way to go than combine Hearts and Unicorns. This book certainly has some girly feel to it. It is all about love to the Nature, animals, and yes, hearts. I also included many pages of landscapes from my travels and from the travels of my friends. There are barns and California ranches, there are hills of Virginia forests, there are horses from the state of Washington farms. I also went far away from the U.S. as I placed there windmills of Hollands, palms of Bahamas, and castles of Italy:

Horses Hearts And Unicorns Coloring Book Pages artist Irina Sztukowski

And here are few examples of Unicorns and Rainbows in the sky:

The activity pages include some challenging tasks but not too difficult to accomplish.
Here are a few examples of the Unicorn Challenge:
Activity Pages from Horses Hearts And Unicorns Coloring And Activity Book

In one you will be asked to find which unicorn doesn't have a pair, and another on is made all with dots so when connecting them, you will get a beautiful Unicorn that can be colored later.

Activity Pages from Horses Hearts And Unicorns Coloring And Activity Book

It the example above the "blury" lines of Unicorn in the heart can be traced and colored. In another example, resolving the maze will help the Unicorn find the morning sun.

The book is now not only on Amazon worldwide:

Coloring Book Horses on Amazon
Click on the image to see the book on Amazon

It is also sold through Barnes & Noble bookstores:

Coloring Book About Horses in Barnes And Noble store
Click on the image to see the book on Barnes & Noble website

I am so glad that I can share my art with my followers, art collectors, and lovely customers :)

Live To Create!!

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