Raspberry Peach And Other Jams Adventure

Jam Labels

Here is my latest creation for Jam Labels and Kitchen Art designs. Many thanks to my long time customer from local town Danville, California; she, not only supplies me with delicious jams, but also gives me new ideas and helps my imagination flow :).

Meantime in Ireland, the jam labels with my creations now are being born and bring joy to their customers.
The cute jars with labels and colorful lids are shown at numerous food-shows:

They are served in restaurants and hotels:

colorful lids

Looking pretty on the stores' shelves:

G's Gourmet

And even are delivered to the customers from different locations:

G's Gourmet

Per a newspaper article that I've recently read, the owner of G's Gourmet says: 
"In terms of exposure it was a great opportunity for us to showcase our new brand labels on the nutritional and food service sides. The new labels have more color in them" Helen added. G's are already in States, specifically in California, where they are stocked in specialty type shops and delis. They are also in Brussels and Luxembourg." 

Irina Sztukowski jam project

I am so proud to hear these great news. My creations are really ready to be served :0).

They are even placed as the advertisement on G's Mercedes vehicles: 
Go Jams!! 
(Many thanks to G's Gourmet and Greenhouse for photo-references)


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