Bestselling Beach Painting Girl And Ocean On Puzzle and More


Bestselling Beach Painting Girl And Ocean by Irina Sztukowski

As many of my followers know, this bestselling artwork is loved by Art Collectors throughout the World. 

It was previously sold as multiple prints, as well as on merchandise:

Girl And Ocean Painting on Merchandise Artist Irina Sztukowski.

Girl And Ocean Painting on prints and merchandise

I recently came across of computer generated puzzle with my artwork of a  Girl And Ocean. I lost myself in the game and thought to share with you. This is just fun activity for people to explore it virtually:
I'll post the link bellow

And if people wanted to order a real jigsaw puzzle with various amount of pieces (from 30 to 1000 pieces for this specific artful puzzle of watercolor painting Girl And Ocean by Irina Sztukowski), then my art collectors can order it here:
Girl and Ocean painting by Irina Sztukowski on puzzle

I like how it comes in a small cozy tin box. 
Here is the link:

My lovely Art Collectors can now order this artwork in Puzzle form from my website HERE:

Later on, I will post a tutorial, how to order the jigsaw puzzle on my website from any artwork available there.

Even though it is pretty much self-explanatory, I think some guidelines will not hurt :)

It is affordable and super fun activity, especially when a lot of people now prefer be at home with their loved ones. It will be also a great Christmas Gift for puzzle lovers. 

And for people who want to play on computer, here is the link for free game:

Live To Create! 

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