Watercolor Of Venice Canal And Gondolier Painting

Watercolor Of Venice Canal And Gondolier painting by the artist Irina Sztukowski

It is all in details and reflections. 

When painting this artwork, I focused on the details of the buildings that were lit up by the Venice setting sun. And I added a story, a lonely gondolier on his way to pick up a couple of love birds for a romantic ride. The reflections on the water have all the colors of the building above, plus the deep dark waters of the Venetian Canal yet not rising. 

While walking streets and passing bridges of Venice I admired the fact that not all the squares and canals are busy as we are so used to see when coming to Italy, Venice or any other famous city for that matter. Some streets are really secluded and cozy, with no sound from the touristic crowd reaching them. And I loved those parts of the city where the artist can hide and paint, absorbing the mood of an ancient beauty. 

Oh Venezia!! 

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Live to Create!

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