Friday, January 4, 2019

Fruits Of Midi Renoir Still Life Study

Fruits Of Midi Renoir Still Life Study

When it is cold outside, plein-air painting is close to impossible. But I found a great solution while recently visiting Chicago Art Institute Museum. I started drawing right in the museum, and then finished my so to speak "Plein-Air" painting in the hotel room by checking with my photograph that I took in the museum for photo-reference:

When I do studies of Old Masters I feel I am knocking through the time wall, feel the artist's mood and practically paint with him brush stroke by brush stroke. 

The museum plaque says:

Fruits of the Midi
Pierre-Auguste Renoir probably painted this unpretentious still life of peppers, eggplants, tomatoes, pomegranates, citrons, lemons, and oranges while traveling along the Mediterranean coast (known as the Midi) on his way to Italy. In this work, the artist stressed the three-dimensional physicality of the fruits and vegetables by emphasizing their contours and using long, diagonal brushstrokes.
Fruit of the Midi represents a significant attempt on Renoir's part to bring a classical sense of pictorial structure and balance to the fleeting luminosity of Impressionism -- a goal that was pursued even more avidly by Paul Cezanne, with whom Renoir shared some fundamental aims. 

Fruits Of Midi Renoir Still Life Study

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Fruits Of Midi Renoir Still Life Study

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