Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Chrysanthemum Flowers Bouquet Renoir Style Study

Renoir painted this artwork in oil between 1881 and 1882. I studied it in 2018. The process actually began in the Chicago Institute Art Museum a couple of months ago. As they only allow to draw there (not to paint), I drew the sketch standing right next to the Old Master's painting absorbing each little detail and imagining how the artist came up with composition and the decisions of his brush strokes:

Then, I took a good photo reference and completed the painting at home in my art studio, still keeping the flare of all senses and feelings that came to me while I was standing in the art museum. 
Renoir painted it in oil. I challenged myself to paint in watercolor and gouache. It was not easy, but so much fun. 

Out of all Impressionists artists, I like Renoir a lot not only for his art, but as well for his personality. I've read historical essays on his life and I am amazed that the artist overcame so many difficulties on his way from financial hardship to rheumatoid arthritics. He kept paintings in spite of health problems; and, he was devoted to his Art, his Muse, wife Aline Victorine , and their three sons. 

I am lucky I had this opportunity to create live in the museum in Chicago. And when I was doing it, the time flew by so quickly, it disappeared it vanished, there were no time between me and the Old Master :)

I love what Renoir said about him painting flowers:

Live To Create!

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