Thursday, August 9, 2018

Hearts And Horses

The work on my new coloring book about Horses had its own mind. When I decided to create a coloring book with Horse Drawings, I had no clue that it will be a totally new format for me compare with Botanical Floral coloring books. I decided to add some activity pages to the book. Then I thought about Mary-Go-Round and drew fun horses from the childhood memories. But I didn't want to place a Mary-Go-Round sticks into my cute horsies. The idea about hearts came quite unexpectedly. Instead of the company of the sticks and bars, and circles; I've added some cool heart designs to my Mary-Go-Round Horses. So the half book is devoted to landscape with horses, half to fun Heart - Horse designs, and as the bolus there are a few activity pages such for example: barn maze, connect the dots, find the differences, and other activities. 

So, Heart & Horses, here we come! :)

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