Nine Shades Of Raspberries - Yogurt Labels And More

Nine Shades Of Raspberry
Raspberries image is my number four creation for a new yogurt project that I am making for one developing company in Ireland. This company requested black and white images of raspberries; and, they are going to place them on the color lids. 

As I mentioned before, the interesting part for me as an artist, is that the original panting needed to be only in black ink. I am enjoying this new concept:

When I was done with ink painting of the image, I placed it on different shades of red and pink trying to recreate the fresh colors of ripe berries - Nine Shades Of Raspberries. 

My art collectors can order now not only these images on canvas, but as well on Pillows for Kitchen:

rasbperries home decor

or, these juicy raspberries will surely look good on Farmers Market Tote Bags :

Raspberries Tote

The ideas are endless!

The history of the raspberry image goes back at least three years of my art career. That year, my first watercolor painting of raspberries was created for a dear client for the Jam Labels project:

jam labels with raspberries

These Sweet Raspberries looked so lovely on the Raspberry Jam Labels:

Made With Love!

And now, the licensed images (for Royalty Free Licenses) of all yogurt, jams, relishes,and marmalade illustrations are available HERE

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