Sorrento Lemons

Sorrento Lemon

A recent painting of mine grew up into a new commission painting and many interesting designs to follow. 

An art collector liked one of my paintings of Sorrento Lemons; but it was a little twist requested. The format of the original painting was a standard size; and, my client wanted a new, elongated one, in order to fit the painting into the interior of her sun-room properly.

We started working together discussing a composition, format, color theme; and I proceeded with the painting of a new piece with the new approach and enthusiasm. 

This time I placed a dark Alizarin Crimson (deep red color) on the bottom of the future black background. I have added one more lemon on a top to emphasize the elongated "flow" of the still life. 
After the background was completed, I carefully painted lemons and leaves one by one; and, I left the flowers details for a dessert (below the new designs you could see a little movie that captures the whole process).

I really liked the outcome of the New Sorrento Lemons. The juicy bright fruits looked so lovely and so festive on the deep dark background. 

I couldn't hold my artist's itch and created a few pillow designs right away.

And here they are.

lemons of Sorrento

Lemons of Sorrento

Sorrento Lemon
Thinking that I can also place the lemons on other background colors rather than just dark, I made a few designs that warmed up my artist heart.

I truly believe that Lemon Theme would look super grate on a few kitchen towels:

kitchen gadgets

..and why not on something else; for example, placemats, serving trays, or decorative glass boards:

lemon designs

But, as my followers might already know, the creation process has not stopped at those items. I also posted different designs with coasters, paper cocktail napkins, and even porcelain plates (four dozens for every taste) into the Lemon Theme Gallery

The birth of Sorrento Lemons was captured on camera; and, I made a few minutes long movie "shrinking" a couple of weeks process into a Lemon Still Life step-by-step creation:

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