Wednesday, October 10, 2018

An Interview With The Artist Irina Sztukowski

bestselling paintings in watercolor by the artist Irina Sztukowski

It is so great that the young generation is interested in the fine art and the artists that create it.

Today I was approached by an Art Student from one UK College. She asked a few questions about me. I thought that I would share it on my blog as I found those questions quite concise and down to the point, e.g. in just a few words a little picture about an artist can be visualized easily; yet, there are many years of work are put into this picture to be whole!

1.Birth date of the artist?
Artist Irina Sztukowski was born in 70s.

2.Where is the artist from?
Irina Sztukowski is an American artist who was born in Russia.

3.What is the artist best known for?
Irina Sztukowski's art is best known for her watercolor illustrations on mass produced merchandise, packaging of the foods, and home decor prints for interior.

4.What style does artist use? e.g abstract, renaissance, pointillism, ect.
Irina Sztukowski paints in variety of styles from hyper realistic paintings in watercolor to loose free washes in abstract designs. Irina's recent exploration of painting styles resulted in the creation of dozens of Coloring Books that are now sold worldwide on Amazon and in the Book Stores such Barns&Nobles:

5.What media does artist usually use? e.g acrylic, ink, charcoal, etc.
Irina Sztukowski's favorite medium is watercolour. Per artist's opinion, watercolour is the medium that can do it all from detailed paintings in realistic manner to free-style washes for abstract approach.

6.Where did the artist exhibit their work?
Irina Sztukowski exhibited in the galleries in Russia (back in 1990s) and in the last 10 years, in the U.S., her art was presented at the exhibitions of the cities like San Francisco, Pittsburgh, Pleasant Hill, Martinez, Sacramento and Lafayette in the state of California; as well as in Rochester, state of New York; Naperville, state of Illinois; Evergreen, state of Colorado. Currently most of Artist's works are sold as prints through online galleries such: 

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