Abstract Paintings in Portland Cafe

Green Abstract Painting Organic Grass artist Irina Sztukowski

At the day of the art presentation I was a little nervous about how my green and brown abstract paintings will look on the new Portland cafe walls. 

I grabbed the tools and supplies together with completed artworks, and drove to the heart of Portland with excitement and enthusiasm. 

General manager of the cafe, Drea Shelepova, greeted me and helped to situate myself. We decided on what wall and how far apart my continues abstract paintings should be placed on the wall. I had to make a few finishing touches on the green panels after they were placed one above each other:

Artist Irina Sztukowski works on Green Abstract Artwork for Portland Cafe

The large scale of paintings was quite unusual for me (I wrote about it in the previous article HERE ), but I managed to finish the pieces and present them well:

Artist Irina Sztukowski works on Green Abstract Artwork for Portland Cafe

It was a lot of good exercise to go up and down the ladder. I am glad we decided not to do murals under the ceiling as it would surely "kill" my knees, and possibly my Artist Spirit ;) . I am glad we are sticking up to abstract style in green and brown. 

After all the hard work was done, Drea and I posed at the paintings for the history. The art on the walls made this cafe a special place for sure. When cafe opens its doors to the customers, and serves delicious chocolate, herbal teas, and coffee; I am sure that clients will feel welcomed and cozy in this new place:

Artist Irina Sztukowski and Cafe Manager Drea Shelepova at Portland Cafe

And when the job was done, we enjoyed the first cup of coffee in this new Portland cafe to celebrate a great beginning:

Portland new Cafe with coffee chocolate and herbs. Decor by artist Irina Sztukowski

But for me as an artist, it was only half of the job done. I will have to paint several more paintings for decoration of this cafe. 

So far the new art pieces originals, six of them, are presented there. But my clients can enjoy prints that I've created and posted on my website:

Brown Abstract Artworks:

And a few green art pieces:

Live To Create!

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