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Abstract Watercolor Flowers  by Irina Sztukowski Pink Red Yellow Blue Wildflowers

Today I am introducing a new addition to my Abstract Flowers Gallery, a group of wildflowers painted with free, fresh, and fearless brush strokes. 
This group has red poppies, California Poppies, Pink Iceland Poppies, and gentle blue flowers. 

When I paint freely, I sometimes don't even know how the flowers are going to behave on the wet paper, some of them pop right up, but others melt in the wet-on-wet background. I think it's what makes these abstract watercolor paintings so alive and so graceful. Simple beauty of abstract watercolor hues mixed up with artist's skill of many years of painting realistic flowers. And needless to say, each painting is close to impossible to duplicate, just like anything in the Nature has its own footprint on Earth, unique and awesome. 

Above Paintings are:

And here a few interior décor ideas with abstract watercolor flowers: 

Abstract Watercolor Flowers Red Poppies In Interior Decor artist Irina Sztukowski

Yellow Orange California Poppy Flowers In Interior Decor artist Irina Sztukowski

Baby Pink and Baby Blue Abstract Flowers In Interior Decor artist Irina Sztukowski

Live To Create! 

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