Skansen Stockholm Sweden Watercolor Painting

Skansen Stockholm Sweden Watercolor Painting by artist Irina Sztukowski

Today I want to invite everyone to one of my favorite cities, Stockholm, and specifically to a unique island called Skansen. I've been there several times back in 90s and I loved the little streets full of historical monuments made of wood with love to Swedish culture. 

In this painting you can see the old made by hands from timber wood building on the right and historical windmill. On warm Summer days singers and dancers present wonderful concerts there near this windmill.

The painting of Skansen windmill is a part of my Travel Around The World series.

Here is a little bit of information on Skansen.

Skansen is the world’s oldest open-air museum located on of the islands of Stockholm. This museum shows the whole of Sweden with houses and farmsteads from history of the country and from every part of the country.
At Skansen, you people discover Sweden’s history and learn how Swedes once lived conquering the changing seasons or this northern country. Tourists can discover many interesting things  through the customs and traditions, work, celebrations and everyday life of old times.
Skansen is also a place where now some festive occasions are celebrated throughout the year. The live programs with various activities include singing, dancing and concerts in the Summer time, and festive Christmas markets in the Winter, where people are invited to dance around the Christmas tree and be part of many concerts at Seglora Church.
Ultimately, Skansen is a unique place where history meets the present, and where Swedish traditions and craftsmanship still live. It is also the only open-air museum with wild animals. The Children’s Zoo domestic baby-animals such as rabbits, cats, guinea pigs, and small wild animals.
The Skansen Aquarium and Our Africa feature exotic animals including reptiles, monkeys, birds, and exotic insects. Also Skansen has a great variety of plants, trees, and gardens. 

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