Faro de Cullera Lighthouse Valencia Spain Watercolor Painting


Faro de Cullera Lighthouse Valencia Spain watercolor painting by Irina Sztukowski

When I painted this watercolor artwork of Faro de Cullera Lighthouse, I was amazed how beautifully the citizens of Valencia, Spain; kept this historical monument. 
This watercolor painting is the part of my Travel Around The World series, where I invite my followers to visit places on Earth where they can or cannot be physically; yet, still appreciate the beauty of the World.

Lighthouse Faro de Cullera was built in 1858 on the Punta de Faro tip of Cabo de Cullera, and it’s between Playa del Racó and Playa del Dosser. It is one of seven lighthouses of the Valencian coast that continues to remain occupied and function. Faro de Cullera is one of the leading lighthouses of the town of Valencia. This beautiful lighthouse is located in an astonishing and charming setting, at the edge of the cliff, surrounded by lovely beaches. Its circular building with a slightly conical tower is sixteen meters high made of white ashlar, surmounted by an iron railing, rising on a further round building. It is definitely a beautiful sight to see the white gorgeous building against deep blue Balearic Sea. An interesting historical fact that earlier, the light of the lighthouse came from a lamp of olive oil, then it was changed to a paraffin one and by 1901 to an oil one. It would not be until 1931 when electricity arrived at the Faro. 

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