Open Hearts Big Dreams Project Book Illustration - Part III

African Landscape School Garden Ethiopia Watercolor by Irina Sztukowski

I keep moving along with this important educational project Open Hearts Big Dreams. Two book illustrations are completed:

Article I

Article II

The last illustration presents an African school garden and a lady with national Ethiopian clothes walking on the path. 

I am so happy to participate in this non-profit project  Open Hearts Big Dreams. As it's created to help Ethiopian children learn how to read in English and their native languages, it really warms my own heart to know that kids will have fun by looking at colorful illustrations and study. 

Many great artists around the U.S. already brought their talents into this project. Hundreds of illustrations were created. And all of them will be added into cool 8"x8" educational books that talk about current life in Ethiopia. 

Live To Create!!! 


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