Watercolor On Poetry Book Cover

Watercolor Dancing Fire by artist Irina Sztukowski on Esma Ashraf book Shamma
My watercolor painting Dancing Fire was selected by the author and publishing company for a wonderful book of poetry by Esma Ashraf.

From The Author: Esma Ashraf
Bio: I am a bilingual writer and have been writing since 22 years. In my language (Urdu) I was published in Urdu; Dunya international newspaper for 3 years. In English, I started writing 3 years ago and published a poem in Brown Girl Magazine last year. I also got published for ‘Art and literary Magazine’ in my college days. I have a graduate degree from New York university(NYU) in MSW.
Writing is my passion, it’s my way of worshiping. Playing with words is like making love. Not only poetry, I write short stories as well. With the power of imagination and magic of emotions, I create music out of my ink. I feel the heights of intensity starting to gush into my soul when my muse takes over my senses. Then a new story comes to life.

Idea of creation:
 it’s a book of poems. Shamma means, “a flame of the candle”. It is a desire that radiates us in many ways. The spark enkindles to raise a passion of love inside. Each new flame spreads light, whether we fly in ecstasy or sink into the downing tears of love. Shamma is also a romantic feminine name used in poetry, songs in Hindi/Urdu language.  She is a ray of hope, embodiment of sensuality and a sculpture of goddess. It is an identity of any woman who loves to give and sacrifices in the name of her dignity, compassion and courage. Her strength is her weakness. On one hand, a ray of fire burns her soul, on the other hand, this blaze enlightens her spirit. 
“I am the flame that brightens your dull moments, and I die in the hands of my own destiny.” 

Shamma: Desire of a flame

Many burn by her dazzling display.
Doesn’t matter; she chooses
to live this way.
Besides this notion, a mind
ponders anyway.
Dying under the moments
of shimmery days.
Love is enkindled
to let it stay.
Moth whirling around her
to convey.

Live to Create!

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