Russian Salad - Editorial Illustration - Recipe Book - Page 7

page of Russian Salad Recipe with editorial illustration
This is Page #7 of my baby-book Ten Russian Salads - A recipe for a Creative Chef. This book has dozen of pages with my editorial illustrations. In order to make these illustrations, I had to paint each of them in watercolor, and after that I had to organize them all, one page at the time, adding descriptions of each salad to each page. 

Every day before Christmas, as a gift to my followers, I am posting one page of this book (from p.10 to p.1).

If you want to add something new from a creative chef, please feel free to use the recipes from this book of mine. 


More Watercolor Food Illustrations are in this gallery:

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The book 10 Russian Salads Recipes For A Creative Chef is written by Irina Sztukowski in unusual to a recipe book presentation. It is a collection of her Family recipes, a visual guide that allows readers to use their imagination. There are no particular measurements in comparison to a common recipe book. Person can follow the guidelines, but make the salads to the taste; e.g. add more oil, reduce the mayo, or substitute sour cream with any other sauce. Use salt! Don’t use salt! Enhance with favorite veggies. Spice it up!

The previous post on these editorial illustrations book is here:

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