New Product Line - Migros YoU Brand

watercolor illustrations by Irina Sztukowski

I am so glad that a project that I was working in cooperation with designers company is now public.

 For the last six month, I was illustrating foods (berries, fruits, seeds, and many many others) for a new brand by Migros Company that called YoU.

This project is now in the last phase and customers now have opportunity to buy delicious healthy foods. 

The news article by Migros states:


Zurich - With its own brand YoU, Migros offers its customers innovative products that are in line with the current trends of the moment and with a goodness and well-being. Whether it is a low-sugar yogurt or a superfood snack for breaks, products are also distinguished for simple and natural ingredients. The first products you include include six types of yogurt and two snacks. Other products from the various food segments will follow.

I especially loved painting Mango and Passion Fruit:

watercolor food illustration

As well as Peach Pomegranate:

watercolor food illustrations

And needless to say, a bunch of fruits and berries in this particular yogurt, where I learned odds and ends of one exotic fruit which I am anxious to try one day, the Acerola berry:  

watercolor illustrations by Irina Sztukowski

I am extremely happy that my art was a part of the food labels creation :)

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