Peaceful Beauty Of Seaweed Algae Watercolor Paintings


Seaweed Algae Watercolor Painting in interior artist Irina Sztukowski

I am excited this year painting Sea Ocean Creatures and Botanical Paintings related to the ocean. I think that the seaweed, algae, is so graceful and beautiful in its motion under the sea. Maybe it is because the peaceful movement of the seaweed brings some calmness to my Soul. 

And I believe that watercolor paintings of seaweed would make a wonderful interior décor of a hallway, living room, beach house, bathroom, or bedroom. 

Here is the proof how lovely these watercolors from my new collection look in various interiors and different surfaces such framed paper prints or canvas prints.

Seaweed watercolor paintings in interior decor artist Irina Sztukowski

Under The Sea Seaweed Watercolor Collage by Irina Sztukowski

Beautiful Seaweed Watercolor Painting by the artist Irina Sztukowski

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