Tropical Paradise With Boat Beach Palm Trees Gazebo Painting In Watercolor


Tropical Paradise With Boat Beach Palm Trees and Gazebo watercolor painting

This watercolor painting of tropical paradise that I’ve recently painted craving warm leisurely vacation features a sailboat, coconut palm trees and cozy gazebo is full of sunshine and color. I traveled there with my brush and paints on my virtual plein-air trip. And it was so great to feel warm air and imagine myself having a nice chilled coconut water sitting in that pretty gazebo.

The painting is the part of my Travel Around The World series. 

This place is about Cebu island, Philippines. 

Cebu island is the center of Visayan-Cebuano culture. It well-preserved Spanish tradition in its cultural life. It is an interesting fact that Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan was attracted by the island’s central position. Magellan sailed there and landed at the island to introduce Christianity, which actually costed him his life. Cebu remained the primary Spanish bastion of the southern part of the Philippines. The cultural and commercial core of the central Visayan region, Cebu was opened to foreign trade in 1860. It was named as a city in 1936.

The island has the city with the same name, and this city is the second biggest city in the Philippines.

People say that the best time to visit Cebu is in the winter.  The climate those days is sunny, the nights are cool; and, it is much less humid than in the summer. Especially this time is marked by one of the famous and vivid festivals, the Sinulog Festival, which happens right in January.

Cebu island is one of the province with the same name. Cebu province belongs to the Visayas region. And it has 168 islands and islets. But Cebu is a main beach vacation destination for many people for its beauty, sea view, and white sandy beaches. 

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