Chillon Castle Veytaux Switzerland Watercolor Painting Lake Geneva


Chillon Castle Switzerland Watercolor Painting by Irina Sztukowski

Another great addition to my Travel Around The World Collection: Chillon Castle Veytaux Switzerland Watercolor Painting that is located on the shore of Lake Geneva 

A little bit of History

The history of Chillon Castle goes back to the Bronze Age period. The castle, as it looks now, carries development of several centuries of construction and improvement.
When ruins of the castle were discovered, the first excavations that started at the end of the 19th century, particularly those led by archaeologist Albert Naef (1862-1936), indicated that the castle was built somewhere in the Bronze Age.
The rocky island on which the castle sits, constitutes both a form of natural protection and its strategic positioning that allowed control from the north to the south of Europe. During many years of build the castle took on the oval shape of the genuine island upon which it was built. It is approximately 100m long and 50m wide. It also took its name from the rock; the word ‘Chillon’ meant ‘rocky platform’ in an ancient language.
The history of the castle is marked by three great periods: those of the Savoy family, the Bernese bailiffs and the Canton of Vaud.

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