Friday, August 3, 2018

New Book Of Watercolor Techniques

Book about watercolor techniques
Book about Watercolor Techniques With Examples of Paintings 
It is quite precious moment when  you hold a new book about watercolor techniques, the most interesting subject for watercolor artist. It is even more exciting when the art that you create was admitted to this kind of book that contains more than 365 tips and tricks by more than hundred famous artists. 
I am so proud to be selected by editors and author of this book. They chose my painting Spring In The Mountains landscape, which I created when was preparing for the workshop and master class at Walt Disney Museum a while ago. 

So, I am holding my own paperback copy that publishing agency just sent me. It is a precious gift of colors, techniques, beautiful artworks examples. 

I love the idea that author and editors explored not only diverse approaches, but as well they invited artists from different cultures, from all over the world to participate in this publication. It makes this book so universally understandable, and lovely to read. The paintings are amazing. I certainly treasure every page of this watercolor book, and I hope that in the future more books like that will be presented to the public that appreciates the story, easy presentation of a complex subject.  

The description of the book explains it all:

Discover the great pleasure and fun of watercoloring with this great tutorial that reveals the techniques to master this medium and bring your creativity to the top, whether you have some expertise or are an amateur watercolorist.
Day by day through a whole year, A Watercolour a Day provides fun tips and useful methods that will show you how to play with shadows and lights and layer glazes to produce your own beautiful hues, create textures, and enhance particular features. This book opens the door to a new way of observing your surroundings and enjoying art and life, making the most of every moment. By the end of this book, you will have incorporated watercoloring into your daily life, and you will be well-equipped to start using these techniques in your portraits, landscapes, interiors, still lives, or abstract patterns and will feel completely at ease designing compositions and painting in situ.
Oscar Asensio is an experienced editor specializing in architecture and interior, industrial, and furniture design as well as healthy living, beauty, and fine art books. He has worked for a wide number of international publishers and his books have been translated into many languages.

The book can be found on Amazon HERE

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